NBA To Launch 2K Gaming Tournament This Friday


The NBA plans to launch a players-only NBA 2K Gaming Tournament this Friday and is expected to be broadcasted on ESPN. It will be a 16-player tournament lasting 10 days.

Tournament Bracket (This list includes all the players that will participate in the tournament – Players are seeded by 2K rating followed by tenure in the league):

#1 – 96 rating Kevin Durant VS #16 – 78 rating Derrick Jones Jr


#2 – 90 rating Trae Young VS #15 – 78 rating Harrison Barnes

#3 – 87 rating Hassan Whiteside VS #14 – 78 rating Patrick Beverley

#4 – 87 rating Donovan Mitchell VS #13 – 79 rating Rui Hachimura

#5 – 86 rating Devin Booker VS #12 – 81 rating Michael Porter Jr

#6 – 85 rating Andre Drummond VS #11 – 81 rating Demarcus Cousins

#7 – 85 rating Zach Lavine VS #10 – 85 rating Deandre Ayton

#8 – 85 rating Montrezl Harrell VS #9 – 85 rating Domantas Sabonis

The coronavirus pandemic has made huge impacts in the world and is causing everyone to stay at home in self-isolation to mitigate the spread, extending the NBA hiatus for at least a few more months before the virus is controlled.

This has forced the league to get creative and Adam Silver has devised another ingenious way to entertain basketball fans while they sit at home with limited things to do. 

The tournament is an excellent method to keep fans engaged with other NBA players who are also stuck at home and helps everyone stay connected with a competitive.

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