Damian Lillard To Sit Out Rest of the Season?

Damian Lillard may just be riding the bench barring the NBA's approach to the return of basketball. In the past couple days, many proposals on how the NBA will return have been introduced. Some of these which give the Portland Trailblazers no chance to make the playoffs. In response to this, Damian Lillard has gone … Continue reading Damian Lillard To Sit Out Rest of the Season?

Mikey Williams : Future Superstar

If you are a basketball fan, keep track of upcoming college recruits, or follow any highlight pages on social media, you know the name Mikey Williams. He is the high school freshman sensation who is highly touted to be the #1 recruit for the 2023 class, and likely wind up being a very high NBA … Continue reading Mikey Williams : Future Superstar

Eddie Sutton dies at 84

Legendary college basketball coach Eddie Sutton has died at age 84. Eddie Sutton won more than 800 games as a coach in the NCAA. Eddie Sutton was inducted in the Hall of fame. Eddie Sutton also was the first coach to ever take four different schools to the NCAA basketball tournament. Eddie Sutton died of … Continue reading Eddie Sutton dies at 84

NBA Era Debate: 80s/90s vs 2000s

In light of the conclusion of the last dance documentary, and all of the Jordan vs Lebron discussions going on, I thought I would expand the argument a little. Rather than debating between the two player's, let's compare their eras of NBA basketball. In this article, I will be creating what I would consider the … Continue reading NBA Era Debate: 80s/90s vs 2000s

NBA Surveys General Managers About the Season

The entire NBA community is hoping that the 2019-2020 season will eventually continue soon. A potential return is currently being discussed, and the NBA has sent out a survey to general managers on the fate of this season. Photo by Mike Stobe/ Getty Images The NBA General Managers were given the following options to vote … Continue reading NBA Surveys General Managers About the Season

Paul Pierce Makes a Bold Claim

Ever since Paul Pierce became an analyst for ESPN after retiring from the NBA, he’s made some pretty bold statements. For instance, he once claimed to be better than Dwyane Wade. If that gave people a laugh, then this next statement will have you die of laughter. Photo by Kathy Willens/Associated Press “What has LeBron … Continue reading Paul Pierce Makes a Bold Claim

Joe Ingles Prepared to “Never Play Another Game” If the NBA Resumes the Season

Joe Ingles, the Small Forward for the Utah Jazz, has publicly stated that he does not want the NBA season to return for the sake of his and his family’s safety. “I’m prepared to walk away, fly to Australia, and never play another game in my life.” He said on if the NBA season should … Continue reading Joe Ingles Prepared to “Never Play Another Game” If the NBA Resumes the Season

2003-04 Pistons: Underrated Champions

Via ESPN The Detroit Pistons team from 2003-04 was certainly one of the best teams in the NBA during that decade but was also one of the more underrated teams as well. A defensive minded team who played with physicality, toughness and grit. Many of the players were all-stars and were the cream of the … Continue reading 2003-04 Pistons: Underrated Champions