Trevor Bauer Gives Window Inside Baseball’s Hectic Shortened Season


Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Trevor Bauer has shown us the ins and outs of the COVID-19 stricken MLB season, through vlogging on Youtube. Bauer, 29, was selected with the 3rd overall pick in the 2011 MLB draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks. He would make his major league debut one year later. The hard-throwing righty was then traded during the following offseason to the Cleveland Indians. He played six years in Cleveland and made an all-star appearance in 2018. However, on July 28th 2019, he gave up seven runs vs. the Kansas City Royals. As Terry Francona, the Indians manager starts to head to the mound to take out his starter, Bauer launches a baseball over the center field wall. The incident goes viral, and Bauer is later traded to the Cincinnati Reds in a three team trade. Bauer then finishes the season with the Reds.

The Coronavirus hit and delayed the MLB season but Bauer found a way to change things up even more. He started vlogging for the Youtube channel Momentum, which he owns. He began a series on Youtube calling the videos “Inside the COVID Season with Trevor Bauer.” Bauer takes his viewers through his daily life as a baseball player during these unprecedented times.

Reds' Trevor Bauer organizing 'sandlot' game in Arizona
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This vlog series doesn’t just show us his life, during the season, but Bauer shows us his personality. He has been somewhat of a controversial player this season. He attempted to wear “Free Joe Kelly” cleats during one of his games. Bauer said this after the game where he was supposed to wear the cleats:


Major League Baseball didn’t want Bauer to wear the cleats because, Joe Kelly threw at the head of the Houston Astros’ Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa, after they were caught cheating. Kelly was later suspended for his actions.

Bauer has also called out agents and the MLB itself for trying to cancel his videos. Scott Boras, a MLB agent, tried to end Bauer’s videos but the Reds pitcher had this to say on Twitter:

In his second season with Cincinnati, Bauer has seen major success playing wise. He is 3-2 with a 2.13 ERA, and 54 strikeouts. He has also pitched two complete games, which were both shutouts.

Bauer doesn’t just vlog his life during the season, but he also has a podcast “like” series called “The Trevor Bauer Show.” He has two other series on Youtube called “The Breaking Point” and “Bauer Bytes.” “Bauer Bytes” is hosted by Trevor Bauer himself, but he has guests on and they talk about news and sports while eating. Trevor Bauer is showing everyone a part of the baseball world that we have never seen before.

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