Adrian Peterson Thinks NFL Running Back Pay is “Disrespectful”


Adrian Peterson says that he is angry at the way owners and general managers value running backs. He described the situation as “disrespectful” to running backs:

“It’s disrespectful to be honest with you. It really is”

Peterson has never struggled with contract issues, but there are many running backs who do. Ezekiel Eliot held out during training camp in order to get paid and now Dalvin Cook is threatening to do the same. Derrick Henry is also being forced to play under a franchise tag.


Peterson told TMZ that he hopes younger players will change the way running back’s are looked at.

“These young core of backs are really changing the game for the better”

“I feel like you’re going to continue to get guys like that, that’s going to help raise the value of the running back position.”

Although Peterson believes the current situation is “disrespectful” for running backs, he stays hopeful for the future.

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