Dwyane Wade’s Legacy Will Continue to Shine Bright on Instagram


On May 30, 2021, Dwyane Wade launched his brand new “Legacy Page” on Instagram – an account dedicated to showcasing his legacy on and off the basketball court. The page features Wade’s family, philanthropy, business ventures post-retirement, and so much more. “We wanted to create a new platform for [my legacy] and (@Wade_Legacy) is that. It’s not just about me. You will see things of my family on there because it’s all about the legacy,” Wade said shortly after the announcement of the page in June 2021.

Wade is a 3x NBA champion, 13x All-Star, and future first ballot hall of famer. He remains one of the best shooting guards to ever play the game, and his success is obvious off the court, as well. Wade has been pretty busy since retiring from the NBA. He is a part-time owner of the Utah Jazz, host of TBS game show ‘The Cube’, author of Shady Baby and photographic memoir ‘DWYANE’, and stays busy working on various other projects.

In April, Wade went live on Instagram with the account manager, Dylan Meyer. The two spoke about Wade’s predictions for this year’s NBA playoffs, his greatest moments, and favorite memories during his plentiful playoff runs. Wade also went on to talk about how excited he is that season two of ‘The Cube’ is coming out on TBS. “This year, I feel like the show is just at another level. I’m so much more comfortable as a host,” Wade said.


Season two of The Cube is scheduled to air on June 23rd.

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