Devin Booker Reveals That he is “Clear” of COVID-19


During a twitch stream on his own channel, Devin Booker received testing for COVID-19 at his house. Booker revealed that he is getting tested every 2 days and confirmed the report that 2 Suns players have the virus.

The testing process took less than 5 minutes and Booker chose to take the test in between games. Kellan Olson described Booker as being “like a true gamer” Booker was able to be back from the test in time to play the game.

Booker also revealed to the viewers that he got tested and was “all clear” of the virus.


Suns players have been able and are using the Suns facilites to conduct individual workouts while following certain guidelines. On Monday the Suns are planning to require players to show up for individual workouts.

On July 7th the Suns plan to depart for NBA’s Orlando Bubble along with 4 other teams per Shams Charania.

In Arizona along with many other stats, COVID-19 cases have risen over the past week and are expected to keep rising so watch out for the results of Suns players tests up until the players are quarantined in the bubble from July 7 to July 21.

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