The Struggles of the Rockets


The rockets were a top 3 team last year. They were the best offensive team shooting highest number of three pointers per game scoring 112.4 points per game. They were top contenders for the championship as they were led by the reining MVP James Harden before Chris Paul went down with an injury last year during the WCF against Golden State.

Rockets Shooting Struggles

Since last year, the Rockets shot the most 3s per game. This year, they haven’t changed their successful game plan but their efficiency has gone down as they are shooting only 32.9% from behind the arc. Their scoring machines- James Harden, Chris Paul and Eric Gordon- have all struggled with their shooting. Chris Paul is shooting 41% (last year was shooting close to 50%), Harden is shooting 42% compared to 47%. Gordon is going through a bad slump as his three point shooting dropped from 30% to 20%. Rockets may need to change their game plan going ahead.

Hurtful Loses

Last off-season, veterans Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah Moute, whose length and physicality disturbed the Warriors, left in free agency. With those loses, Rockets decided to sign Carmelo Anthony and James Ennis who have not shown any significant contribution. Ariza and Mbah Moute were excellent 3 and D guys as they contributed on both sides of the floor. Do the Rockets miss them?


The Melo Problem

A lot of hype was surrounding Carmelo when he signed with the Rockets. Carmelo, who is going to be a HOF when he retires, is not the same Melo from a few years ago. His offence has not been the same since he left the Knicks back in 2016. Is it time for him to call it quits?

Is Chris Paul their saviour?

Chris Paul has been absent for majority of the season. He has 2-3 hamstring injuries this year and clearly during his absence they have struggled. Paul aged of 33 is coming at the peak of his career and still has no ring. Back a few years ago, the rockets traded a bunch trade pieces including Lou William and Montrezl Harrell who are thriving in LA. Should the rockets use his value and start a rebuild or should they try to get a ring by adding pieces around them?


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