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JR Smith Signs with Lakers

Former Cavalier JR Smith is signing with the Los Angeles Lakers for the remainder of the season. With the loss of Avery Bradley, this helps the Lakers tremendously. Not only…

Kendrick Perkins Explains 2018 Finals Incident.

The 2018 finals wasn’t as thrilling as you would’ve expected, considering the Cavs got swept. In fact, the only takeaway was a meme about JR Smith and LeBron James. However,…

Top Five ‘Not Quite Busts’ Draft Disappointments

Draft mistakes are common in the NBA. Many fans hate their general managers for the poor scouting and poor choosing. However, some general managers pick guys with good talent, but…

Top 5 Potential NBA Free Agents

Free Agency will be approaching soon in the summer (or perhaps fall should the season and draft be pushed further), and this free agency is stacked with stars. Where are…

LEAGUE ALERTS Week 1 NBA Power Rankings

Bucks Clippers Nuggets Lakers 76ers Rockets Jazz Trailblazers Warriors Nets  Celtics Spurs Raptors Pistons Maverick Pacers  Heat Kings Magic Thunder Hawks Pelicans Bulls Timberwolves Knicks Suns Grizzlies Wizards Cavs Hornets

LeBron James request to Trademark “Taco Tuesday” has been denied.

LeBron James Trademark "Taco Tuesday" got denied.

Three Words to Describe Every NBA Team Today (part 1 of 2)

Atlanta Hawks Underrated Young Core This past season Atlanta surprised a lot of people, and it was not because of their ability to win games. Throughout their 29-win season, the…

The NBA Makes it Official: A coaches’ challenge rule will be implemented for the 2019-2020 season

As is true in any contemporary sport that has become increasingly riddled with stricter rules as the sport has evolved, officiating proves to be one of, if not the most…