Here at League Alerts, we offer internships to those looking to get their foot in the door with the sports media world. We are actively searching for knowledgeable, eager, and willing to learn students looking to not only take the next step for a potential career path, but to spread their knowledge of sports as a whole.

At League Alerts, we offer internships for those interested in a variety of different career paths. We are searching for those who are interested in sharing their knowledge of sports through both writing, and on video. We are also searching for those who may be interested in other sectors such as graphic design, videography and broadcasting.

We are offering the following Internship positions:

  • Learn what to do as a staff writer, learning from senior writers from our brand
  • Create photo and video content using advanced software that could be featured on our social channels
  • Aspiring content creators to see what managers of social channels do on a daily basis, along with some basic, as well as advanced content strategies

If you are interested in sharpening your skills in any of the categories listed above, this may be your opportunity. Be sure to send us an email including prior work experience in the field you’re interested in, and how you would like to be involved in bettering not only our brand, but your overall skills.

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