The real, the only one!

LeBron James days ago he proclaimed himself, the goat. It can not be denied, that he is the most complete player of his generation, brilliant, phenomenal, the favorite player of many. Among many other virtues. But early in the 80s, 1984, the Chicago Bulls acquired Michael Jeffrey Jordan, at that time a talented player who … Continue reading The real, the only one!

Happy birthday Mr. Stern

September 22, 1942, New York. David Stern. Thirty years as a commissioner, he was able to change the NBA. His arrival in the NBA was in 1984, a totally different league, without a business model, there was practically no merchandising, the influx of public stadiums often poorly prepared was very low and respect for the … Continue reading Happy birthday Mr. Stern

The Human Highlight Film could be in Barcelona

Over the years there have been players with a born talent that goes beyond reality. Players who will be remembered for generations. Emblems, legends of the teams they represented and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Atlanta Hawks you will remember Dominique Wilkins. Dominique had basketball in his blood, a member of a … Continue reading The Human Highlight Film could be in Barcelona