Kevin Durant has a message for Sport Bettors


Kevin Durant is sick of all the sports bettors. The Phoenix Suns player tweeted them on Monday.

Durant took to X to complain about a small group of sports bettors who always blame him if they lose money while gambling. The Suns player also stated that when he contributes to gamblers in winning, he does not receive a portion of the profits.

“When I get ya paid, u don’t DM me and send a small percentage to my cashapp but when them parlays don’t hit, I’m every name in the book. Yall ain’t real,” said Durant.


A user was able to find a way to make the situation funny. He Told Durant that the previous MVP, who has earned almost $50 million in NBA salaries this year alones and he should be satisfied with letting certain fans enjoy their “band-aids.”

The fan put a new spin on the term “bands,” which is used to denote hundred-dollar bill bands. The Suns superstar laughed at the small band-aids remark.

“Couple band aids got me cryin. U right tho, lemme delete my tweet,” Durant answered to the fan.

Durant is coming off a thrilling finish in the Suns’ 140-137 double overtime win over the Utah Jazz on Sunday. Following the game’s contentious ending, many “band-aids” were most likely won and lost.


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