Ranking The Best Dressed NBA Players


Organizing the best NBA League fits in order 1-10 with 3 honorable mentions in my opinion

The Criteria for this list is mostly subjective to what I believe is well dressed, However I tried to add some variety and diversity in styles. I also take in account other majority opinions on outfits for players. I think this should be a good representation of the most well dressed NBA players, especially for an audience that is in to fashion but does not know much about the NBA or it’s players. here are a lot of great candidates for the list in the league, mostly because of how well paid these athletes are and the close relationship that basketball has with Hip-Hop & Fashion culture. With that being said here are my Top 10 most. well dressed NBA players along with three honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

They didn’t quite make the list however their style is good enough to be mentioned and highlighted before beginning the list


13. Jaren Jackson Jr

Jaren Jackson is an All-Star center for the Memphis Grizzles and easily the best dressed Center in the league. He always color Coordinates really well and has decent designer statement pieces to go along with his streetwear centric style. Most centers aren’t able to dressed so well because of their elongated figure and it is also really hard to find a lot of clothing to fit them correctly. However Jaren breaks all odds and gets onto the list at number 13. Some may have him higher but I think his lack of experimentation swell as him being on the more casual side puts him at 13 for me. Great spot for the Star big man on a list full of fairly smaller guards.

12. Nickel Alexander-Walker

Nickel Alexander-Walker also known as the cousin of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander comes in at the 12th slot. When you look at a lot of his outfits you can tell they are heavily inspired by his Cousin Shai. I think he does well in finding statement pieces and using them to his advantage. (For example a Knitted Ski Mask or Young Thug Pants) He favors a baggy or casual pants style most of the time and has decent color coordination. He’s lower on the list because I think he lacks consistency in his fits, I think if he displayed some of his higher end fits a little bit more he would be higher on the list. His catalog of great fits is also fairly short, but he has great potential to be higher later on because he’s still pretty young.

11. Kyle Kuzma

One word that can describe Kyle Kuzma’s fit’s is “Fun”. I love how he expresses himself and finds very eye grabbing statement pieces. He shows his love for high fashion with very rare designer accessories, if he wears something designer you’re gonna notice because it’s usually a very bright color. However the main problem with Kuzma’s fashion is just like any kind of “Fun”, too much fun can be a bad thing and that’s heavily displayed in his outfits. He lacks subtle pieces and everything always has to be very loud and obnoxious. He is quite literally the exact opposite of a guy like Devin Booker, with Devin you know you’re getting a nice well put together outfit every night but with Kuz you honestly never know what to expect and most times it’s displeasing but eye grabbing. I would compare his style to abstract Art because his fits grow on you overtime and you really have to analyze it in order to understand exactly what he was going for.

The Top 10

Narrowing this down to only 10 guys was pretty difficult, however if he is on this list he is consistent and always puts together a good fit night in and night out while also experimenting with great and sometimes loud statement pieces. Here are my Top 10 best dressed NBA players as of 2023.

10. Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro has a great Miami influenced style that is always consistently put together and mostly very floral. His best outfits come from a warm weather setting. He loves wearing a lot of white tops and short shorts along with a nice pair of sun shades. His style reminds me a lot of DJ Khaled and A$AP rocky, a RAF lifestyle clothing in warm weather. If you wanted to take Inso from his outfits they would be best on a beach vacation. He also takes inspiration from hype beast culture and vice city color schemes. This comes to surprise because he is originally from Wisconsin, so I love how he has fully embraced his new home in Miami through his fashion.

9. Devin Booker

For Devin Booker well dressed can honestly be an understatement, most of his pieces are kept clean and simple. He utilizes mostly neutral colors such as brown, white, and beige. His simplistic style of clothing is complemented by gold jewelry and a subtle pair of converse or dress shoes. I can see an older audience really gravitating to his more traditional and classic style of clothes, especially without all of the bells and whistles and loud statement pieces. This cool, simple, and swaggy style complemented with his classic antique car collection upon arrival makes for a great addition to our list at number 9.

8. James Harden

James Harden blends high end New York fashion with streetwear clothing really well and always complements it with a matching accessory or jewelry. I love how he occasionally throws in bright colors and vibrant patterns in his clothing. Harden started off his career with a more casual urban style. However throughout the years his style has evolved into more high end and designer centric. My favorite outfit from James this season has tube his all white and green shoes outfit. I think it all complements each other well while also having a standout statement piece. I also love his frequent use of starter jackets and how he pairs them together with some of his fits, I think its really nice!

7. Josh Giddey

The NBA world’s favorite Australian is not only one of the best young player’s in the NBA, but also casually one of the best dressed players off the court and pregame as well. He is the first of a few Thunder players on this list, which many credit Shai for his heavy influence on the locker room culture and fashion being one of them. You can definitely see a heavy influence from Shai in his style, however do not be fooled Giddey has a great taste of his own. I for one am familiar with Australian fashion and casual style from down under, and I personally believe his greatest influence in style is Australian streetwear. He often complements his look with many trendy hype beast brands such as Fear of God or Bape for his more casual fits. However I believe that his best outfits are before big events or big games he dresses for the occasion and puts on something of more neutral color color and of higher quality Fabric wise. Overall I love Giddey’s style amongst the other Oklahoma City Thunder Players and fits in well on this list.

6. D’Angelo Russel

If I had to describe Dlo’s style in two words, it would be swaggy Sophisticated. It’s like a certain way that he goes about himself and his fits that I would refer to it as swaggy. I can tell that his time in Brooklyn really left a significant mark on him and his fashion taste. Before he went to the Nets during his time with the Lakers he dressed more like an underground 2017 soundcloud rapper with style influences like Lil Uzi or vintage magnolia era Playboi Carti. Then after he got to Brooklyn he started to dress more classy adding things like overcoats and Baseball jersey’s to his wardrobe, then complementing it with a pair of fashionable glasses. He also has a nice catalog of suits adding to that more sophisticated look. Overall he is just a very well dressed individual. However I really do miss his Brooklyn Era, I think those were when his better fits were displayed. Brooklyn DLo was a Vibe for sure!

5. Jalen Williams

Now as the List starts to Narrow we really start to get into the part of the list that includes players who are heavily into the current Fashion world and are really in tune to what specific pieces are Hot. Jalen Williams is a Rookie on the OKC Thunder & is also a teammate of the also very well dressed Shai Gilgeous Alexander. But overall I really love a lot of Jalen William’s statement pieces. I think the strongest part of most of Jalen’s outfits were his pants, whether its oversized, slim fit, or cargo’s he really knows how to complement his fit’s with a good pair of pants. I also really like Jalen’s selection of shoes are especially really hard. However Jalen is really limited because of his shoe deal with Adidas (limiting him only wearing Adidas brand shoes on and off the court.) So by this he has to compromise by wearing a lot of Designer shoes like Balenciagas and Rick Owens, but he still never disappoints. Overall I want to put him higher and he’s just a rookie so I am excited how style will continue to change in the future but for now he fits in well in the number 6 spot relative to the others on the list.

4. Jordan Clarkson

This may come as a surprise but I only have Jordan Clarkson at number four on my list, but saying someone is “only” the fourth best dressed player in the league really speaks volumes to how well dressed he actually is and how widely recognized it is. Jordan often also does runway and models for many designer brands and has a wide variety and range of things he can wear in a season. He can make almost any piece of an outfit look goodby complementing it. At times it may seem like Jordan’s style is wild or outrageous but honestly that’s his personality. He expresses himself well through his clothes and always has something fun to show off. My favorite outfits of his comes when he wears an all black fit going for a Vampire inspired look. ( Playboicarti Esc) Jordan is also in my opinion the most improved in the league as far as style goes. When he started off in his rookie year his style was really basic and just wore vans with mostly everything, but as time went on he became one of the best dressed players in the league. The evolution of his style is amazing and I am really excited for were it could go.

3. Lamelo Ball

Lamelo Ball’s style is out of this world (figuratively speaking), just like his tattoos a lot of Melo’s fits are space inspired. They also are really colorful. I absolutely love the wide range of colors that Melo uses in his outfits, it really fits into his outerspace aesthetic. Melo has a puma contract so it limits him to only wearing puma brand sneakers and designer brand shoes, however like most do he works around this well and just wears designer most of the time. If you knew about Melo since he was a viral basketball sensation as a young freshman in high school, then you would have seen the evolution of his style, which to his credit was always pretty good. Lamelo also has gone as far to create his own clothing brand called “LaFrance” which is Lamelo’s middle name. He often wears a lot of his clothing brand before his games and in the tunnel before away games, in my opinion it looks pretty good and has a lot of different great looking high end pieces and some great casual wear pieces. In my opinion Lamelo is very underrated fashion wise so having him all the way up at 3 could be seen as a hot take but I believe he is very deserving to be ranked amongst the best dressed in all of the NBA. I think he is also far and away the best dressed ball Brother giving credit to Lonzo because I really like his style as well.

2. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

When it comes to fashion Shai is arguably the league’s best and it should come to no surprise that he is at the number 2 spot. Shai is quite literally one of the best dressed celebrities in general. I think it’s evident how good his style and influence is by seeing just how many of his Thunder teammates have changed their style and started dresser better and more like him. Shai is easily the most versatile on this list, he seems to experiment a lot and almost pull anything off that he wants to. No matter the tone or color that he is trying to pull off, he seems to do it effortlessly. Shai has an infectious aesthetic about him, it reminds me of Kanye as far as theme and clothing attire. I think my absolute favorite outfit from Shai this season was the Lakers game in Los Angeles where Lebron broke the scoring record. He brought out a fit that night that included at the time the very popular red astro boots. This was my favorite look of the season for him because he was pretty much the first person I saw at the time make the big red boots look good in an outfit, along with having really cool wavy flared jeans and a nice belt, it was a tough fit for sure and one of his best ever. (my personal favorite) With that being said the reason I don’t have Shai at my number one spot isn’t an indictment on him its more telling of how great the number one spot is exactly and how high of a regard I hold his fashion sense in my own opinion.

1. Josh Christopher

The best dressed player in the NBA in my opinion is Josh Christopher, I have been following Josh for some years now since he was a ranked player in high school and I knew that if/when he got to the NBA he would easily be among the best dressed players without a doubt. He by far has the best statement pieces I’ve seen from any NBA player before aside from Shai and Kuz. For example a great statement piece was carrying a bouqet of flowers for Valentines Day and had a matching fit. He is so creative and spontaneous and I love it. He blends designer with casual fashion so well, better than others. One day he can come in with casual streetwear such as jeans and a Bape hoodie and then switch it up and come in with an all black designer suit, his range is limitless and it’s something I can truly admire from a fashion standpoint. The best way to describe Josh’s fashion sense is “Creatively Fun”, he manages to bring out the coolest parts of his outfits while still having some structure and coordination and it not looking like a total mess like Kyle Kuzma. In Conclusion, this is without a doubt the best dressed player in the league and that’s with all due respect to the other players on the list.

The Snubs Of The List

The people contrary to popular belief that did not make this list because I do not like their style that much. These three players many regard as to be one of the better dressed players in the league, however this is my opportunity to say that I blatantly disagree and am not fond of their style or fashion taste/aesthetic.

1. Jordan Poole

I flat out do not get the hype around Jordan’s style at all, its cool I guess but it’s just chill fits like sweats and birks. However whenever he tries to dress up it kinda looks horrible not gonna lie. I love Jordan though no hate to him, I love his play and I think he has a fun personality and I have no problem with chill fits I think they’re just fine and you don’t have to try and dress nice before a game. But to say he is one of the best dressed NBA players would just be disrespectful to the others on the list. I am straight up not Vibing with the fits to be honest, all credit to him though if he is trying.

2. Karl Anthony Towns

Maybe it’s KAT’s length for why his fits always have an awkward tone to them but his style is just off putting. I can tell that he tries most of the Tim, however I don’t know why he gets so much recognition for his style. I really like his shoe selection and jewelry it’s nice but because of his length his shoes always seem super long. It’s a weird concept for sure but it is my honest observation. His best fits are his chill fits for sure, this may come to a surprise to some who know me personally because I am a Timberwolves fan. Despite my fandom I have to be unbiased in the making of my list.

3. Russell Westbrook

I will give Westbrook credit that a lot of his fits are very bold and it takes a lot of courage and self confidence to try and pull off the outfits that he puts on. However I just think that he completely does way too much most of the time. Its unfortunate because I really like Russ as a person and a player but I just do not like the outfits that he puts on.

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