The NFL season has finally arrived and their is plenty of star-power that surrounds the football on game day, but the most valuable players are the key to succeeding in a league as deep as this.

The MVP award has gone to a QB the last nine seasons; not once has a position player won the award in close to a decade other than Adrian Peterson who also won Comeback Player of the Year Award back in 2012.

If Cooper Kupp’s triple-crown winning, Super Bowl MVP type year couldn’t do enough for the MVP award, I am not exactly sure what could


Here are the top NFL MVP candidates.

3) Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is the most electrifying player on the football field when available and there’s not much debate about it. Jackson can do it all himself with not a lot of help, something he doesn’t get enough credit for. It’s tough to put him at three on this list, but You should definitely expect a big year as LJ hunts for a fully-guaranteed contract from the Ravens.

2) Joe Burrow

After an amazing run in the AFC from the Bengals, I expect Joe Burrow to make a run at the MVP. He has everything set up for an MVP season and is definitely close, if not already inside the elite tier or QB’s across the NFL. Look out for Burrow to unleash the Cincinnati offense even more in his third season.

1) Josh Allen

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills were a broken overtime system away from the AFC Championship last season, and it’s hard to count them out as a Super Bowl favorite here in 2022. Allen has taken leaps in his progression the last three seasons under center, and has only improved as a leader and a pure pocket QB1. His ability to create plays is up there with Rodgers, Mahomes, etc and he’s arguably the best deep ball passer in the entire league. MVP year is loading.

Honorable Mention : Mahomes, Rodgers, Carr

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