Top Destinations for Jazz’ Star Donovan Mitchell


After yet another disappointing season in Utah, the Jazz front office decided to trade All-Star Rudy Gobert to Minnesota for a significant haul.

With this trade, the team’s front office wanted to ideally restructure their entire roster around their most elite player, Donovan Mitchell.

The problem with this “ideal” plan is that Mitchell is seemingly not looking for a long term solution to stay in Utah with the Jazz, as he may decide he’d rather move onto a new franchise that is close, like a piece or two away from a finals run.


If the 3X All-Star in Mitchell forces his way out of Utah, expect these teams to be at the top of his competitive list of trade suitors.

Here are the top destinations for the Jazz’ 25-year-old NBA superstar, Donovan Mitchell.

3) Miami Heat

Mitchell could likely take over and be the primary scoring option in Miami if the team could acquire him via trade. This trade would allow Jimmy Butler to take a backseat on offense, while keeping his main focus on defense and transition. The Heat would definitely be atop a list of suitors, but the Jazz would be looking for another star I return for Mitchell, which they may not be willing to do.

2) Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte wouldn’t be a finals competitor with Mitchell, but it would add onto the special foundation the Hornets have built since drafting Melo Ball. The dynamic duo of Ball and Mitchell would be lethal offensively, but would heavily struggle on the defensive side of the court. Bringing in Mitchell would create even more hype for Charlotte, opening up opportunity to add more stars to play with this duo which could lead to a championship-level roster. For now, it’s not.

1) New York Knicks

This is easily the top suitor for Mitchell as the Knicks and Jazz have stayed in trade talks for weeks this offseason. The trade assets and roster value are there for the taking, New York just has to pull the trigger on acquiring a franchise star.

Honorable Mention: Bucks, Pelicans, Raptors

Not Gonna Happen: Lakers, Mavericks, Suns

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