Top Destinations for NBA Superstar Kevin Durant


The NBA world was not exactly shocked, nor thrilled that Nets’ superstar Kevin Durant requested a trade out of Brooklyn.

After yet another short tenure with a new franchise, Durant (33) finds himself in a sticky situation with not only the Nets front office, but the franchise’s hand-selected coaching staff & roster (Kyrie Irving).

Reports from last season signaled it could potentially be the last season in Brooklyn for Durant, some throughout the NBA world feel a playoff beating by the Boston Celtics (who made the NBA Finals) was his ultimate breaking point.


Here are the top destinations for the Nets’ 33-year-old NBA superstar, Kevin Durant.

3) Boston Celtics

If the Boston Celtics wanted KD, they could have him already. Jaylen Brown, who was easily the most effective Celtic in the finals, was the base of a package that almost was sent to the Nets for KD. Maybe a trade goes down, but the Celtics are a championship team now, add KD it could flourish.

2) Phoenix Suns

The Suns have been one of the NBA’s most dominating regular season forces and have remained highly competitive in the playoffs through the years, a lot like Kevin Durant. The Suns have the draft assets and roster pieces to at least negotiate a trade and their championship hopes would rise even higher than they are now.

1) Miami Heat

The duo of Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler is a lot more lethal than you’d think. Butler has had a lot of carrying to do offensively for the Heat, who have also been highly competitive the past couple of years. The Heat would likely lose several key players in the deal, but there’s not a team that won’t do the same trying to acquire Durant.

Honorable Mention: Toronto, Pelicans, Knicks

Not Gonna Happen: Lakers, 76ers, Clippers

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