Stephen Curry Nearly did not exist

  • Steph Curry as we all know is undoubtedly one of the most influential players of all time. Now in his 30’s, Curry remains a great player, showing his quality night in and night out and leading his team to the NBA finals once again.
  • However, things could be a lot different if Steph’s mom made a drastic decision many years ago.
  • Sonya Curry recently opened up on the issues she had to overcome while being pregnant with Steph. During a recent interview on a podcast, she revealed that she was close to ending her pregnancy and it wasn’t until she made it to the clinic that her decision was changed.
  • In that same podcast she stated, “If I would’ve gone through that, there would’ve been no Wardell Stephen Curry II. You know, God had a plan for that child, and, just the spirit interceding at that moment in a way that I didn’t even know at the moment was happening… just spoke to, again, the purpose of faith.”
  • That decision obviously would have had big consequences not only for the Curry’s but for the rest of the NBA world. We’re talking about the greatest shooter to ever live not being in this world, which is a lot to say. Fortunately, Sonya didn’t even start the process and decided to have this kid that has brought so much joy to the world. They have an incredible relationship now, and even though Sonya isn’t on the best terms with Dell Curry, nothing has changed between her and Steph.
  • In a separate podcast with Jemele Hill as well as in her book, Sonya admitted to actually having an abortion while with an earlier boyfriend, before having her 3 children with Dell.
  • While her children were not aware of all of the details of her life pre-marriage, Sonya recalled divulging her experience dating an older man in high school to her youngest daughter, Sydel, to help her understand why she was so protective.
  • Sonya stated, “They didn’t know the details of it. They knew that I had a boyfriend. It was just something I didn’t really think to share with them, except for now that I’m thinking about it, when Sydel was going through her situation and it was just like, ‘I got to tell her, I got to tell her why I’m being this way,'” she said. “She’s different than I am, she’s a different person, but I want to be protective.”
  • It is easy to tell that both Sonya and Dell care deeply for their children, and it’s a main reason why the 3 have been so successful in their careers and lives.
  • And I think it’s safe to say that the basketball world is extremely grateful to have both Steph and Seth Curry
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