The NFL is losing one of the most iconic players of all-time after Tom Brady announced his retirement from the league today.

The undoubted GOAT is hanging up the cleats after 22 historic seasons at QB. He goes down as the winningest player in NFL history, accomplishing several Super Bowls, 7 to be exact.

Some may question why Brady is done, but he will go down still as a top QB in the league.


TB12 led the league in touchdown passes and yards this year, and led his injured Buccaneers squad to the divisional round of the playoffs, almost the NFC Championship game.

Tom Brady has made it obvious that he wants to spend more time with his family and that they do not enjoy watching him get hit and get banged up every year.

It has upset Brady to the point where he wants to commit himself to his wife and kids and become a full-time dad instead of play football.

It will definitely be tough for Tampa Bay to work around one of the best players retiring, and it could even make Gronk decide to retire again.

Brady goes down as one of the best statistically with close to 85,000 yards, and a 3-1 TD-INT ratio over 22 seasons. That is absolute GOAT talk, and he has earned the respect of every single football fan, whether you hate him or love him.

The Michigan graduate is easily headed to the Hall of Fame as a first ballot player and will likely still be heavily involved within the NFL whether it’s on television or a coach.

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