The Comeback Clips are at it YET AGAIN!


With 10 seconds left in the Wizards game down by 6, I was just about to find the remote to turn off the TV… until Luke Kennard happened. Throwing up an absolute prayer from the logo of Capital One Arena, Luke buried a triple. But still, they were down by 3 with just a few seconds to go. Somehow, the Wizards managed to turn the ball over via a 5 second call. At this point, I had completely forgotten about turning off the TV. Trying to do his best Tracy McGrady impression, Kennard got the ball from Justise Winslow and heaved up yet another prayer, this time an off-balance fadeaway triple after bumping into Bradley Beal. The whistle blew signaling a foul and the basket counted: Comeback complete.

With 48 seconds to go in the 2nd Quarter, the Clips found themselves down 66-31. Yes, you read that correctly. It is just getting ridiculous at this point. This Clipper team refuses to give up. It almost feels like the Clippers cannot win games until they go down by 20. The last 3 Clipper wins, the Clippers trailed by 24, 35, and 14 and still won the game. Keep in mind this is without Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Marcus Morris for two of those games. How are they doing this? Well, we can thank Luke Kennard for his impressive play. With a minimum of 250 3-point attempts, Kennard is shooting an NBA-best 43.8% from downtown. We can also thank Amir Coffey, who has been an integral part of the team, averaging 14+ ppg in the past 10 games. We can also thank Batum, the glue-guy of this Clipper squad who does it all without a single complaint.

A 35 point comeback is the 2nd largest in NBA history (36 points) and the Clippers are the first team in 25 years to pull off three 24+ point comebacks in a single season. The craziest part about that stat? They achieved this feat in two weeks. You can spin it any way you want, but this team is hungry. They are ready for their stars to return and when this happens, they are going to put the league on notice…


~Michael Bannerman

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