Best Coaching Jobs for Sean Payton if he Returns


Sean Payton officially resigned as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints after more than a decade with the team.

News outlets have been questioning Payton’s commitment to the team for the past couple of seasons, and now he makes it official, but that definitely does not mean Payton’s coaching career is over.

Payton stated he will step away from the game for now and has expressed interest in joining a TV station like FOX or CBS. He may become an announcer as well, potentially the TNF job.


If Payton decides he wants to remain a coach after next season, here are the top three destinations for him to relocate and start fresh.

1.) Dallas Cowboys

Let’s state the obvious to begin. A solid starter QB in Dak Prescott and several offensive weapons is all it would take to convince Sean Payton to take the job, but he would also had Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs who both have grown into great players for that Dallas defense. Payton would be able to win games with his offense again while also allowing his defense to flourish and have them play comfortably. Payton could definitely of taken this most recent Dallas roster to at least the NFC Championship, but for now, Jerry Jones will roll with Mike McCarthy for another season.

2.) Los Angeles Chargers

I like Brandon Staley. I really do, which is why it’s kind of weird for me to do this but I would fire him in a second if it meant my young QB in Justin Herbert could work with Sean Payton. Payton could really help the Chargers on the defensive side of the ball, especially in the run packages. Not only is LA attractive to most NFL players, but playing for a coach like Sean Payton is a gift in its own nature. The Chargers would immediately become Super Bowl contenders, and Herbert could take an even larger jump with him at HC.

3.) Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags? Really? Well let’s get into it … Trevor Lawrence did nothing except carry every team he has been on. Broken records at every level so far, but something is missing, which is a good offensive mind around him. Young QBs thrive off of comfortability and what’s more comfortable than having one of the best if not the best offensive minded HC available in Payton? Lawrence could ascend and carry the Jaguars offense much like Tom Brady, Big Ben, and Drew Brees did early in their careers. Trevor Lawrence is still that guy, he just needs a coach like Payton to start that engine.

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