Cooper Kupp’s Wife Used to Financially Support Him as he Chased his NFL Dream


All-Pro receiver Cooper Kupp and the Los Angles Rams are headed to the NFC Championship after defeating Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on the road. They will now host the 49ers in the NFC title game.

Cooper Kupp is an amazing talent, but what if I told you he had a small chance of making the NFL? Little does most of the NFL world know, there was a particular hustle and sacrifice someone had to make for this all to happen.

Cooper Kupp against Tampa Bay

While Kupp was a wide receiver at Eastern Washington, his wife Anna Kupp worked full time at a restaurant to financially support the both of them so that he could focus on his NFL dream.


While a student, Anna would go to work after her classes and come home and repeat the same process all so that Kupp could focus on football. Cooper Kupp has stated himself that he would never have made the NFL if it was not for his wife, Anna.

Kupp was working just as hard, so don’t get this story confused, as if he was just playing football and having fun while Anna did all the hard work.

Before Anna made this sacrifice, Kupp would wake up for workouts, then head to practice, and then head to his landscaping job that allowed him to make enough to stay in college. This drained the talented receiver, leading to Anna making things work, even with her tough and demanding college schedule.

Cooper & Anna Kupp at Eastern Washington

The sacrifice and grind it took to get to this point should not go over anyones head, cause there’s a good chance the Rams wouldn’t of even traded for Matt Stafford without their All-Pro receiver in Cooper Kupp, or if the Rams would even be a solid team right now if he never made the NFL.

After years of hard work and endless dedication to one another, they live in beautiful and sunny California weather, with Cooper earning over $50M in his contract with the Rams.

What an amazing wife for Cooper Kupp!

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