OBJ Tested for PED’S After Win Over Arizona


Odell Backham Jr. and his new team in LA got the job done against the Arizona Cardinals in a convincing 34-11 win at home.

The victory was the first playoff win for both OBJ & his new QB, Matthew Stafford, who was drafted back in 2009.

The Rams obviously were full of joy and added more confidence to their playoff dreams, but just a day after the playoff win, OBJ got a message.


“Hey Odell, this is [anonymous] with the NFL. I’ve got you scheduled for a PED test at the facility today,” said an employee from NFL offices.

Now, Odell has been playing a lot better since being removed from the Browns organization, but he has not reached an elite level quite yet, even with a much better QB in Matthew Stafford.

OBJ was not shy about making the test request public, as he took the message to Instagram and used a bunch of laughing emojis to express himself and his feelings towards the situation.

It’s safe to say that OBJ has not taken anything or broken any rules, knowing his career and image would be in major jeopardy. OBJ knows that.

The Rams win moves them to the next round and they’re now onto Tampa Bay this weekend on the road and should still see the productive receiver in OBJ out on the field barring any issues.

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