Anthony Edwards Is Making His ALL-STAR Case.


Anthony Edwards is quickly becoming a fan-favorite around the NBA and is looking to make his first ALL-STAR game this upcoming season. On the season, Edwards is putting up 22.6PPG – 5.4RPG – 3.7 APG on 44-37-80 shooting splits. Last year Ant was known as the SUPER athletic 19-year-old who was, at the time, an inefficient scorer. But this year that isn’t the case.

Edwards is shooting 37.4% from three on 8.8 attempts per game. There’s only THREE players in the NBA that shoot more threes a game then him, while having a better percentage. Those players being Steph Curry (38.4% on 12.8 attempts), Buddy Heild (38.1% on 9.3 attempts) and Fred Vanvleet (40.9% on 9.5 attempts). Ant is starting to become a great shooter, and that’s a scary sight. Edwards is yet to get respect from officials to the point where he gets more calls. Ant drives to the basket 11.2 times a game, but only takes 1.7 free throws a game off fouls when he drives. Ant has also been a fantastic option in the catch and shoot game this season, shooting 43% on 3.6 attempts a game on 3 point catch and shoots.

Ant uses his body well grabbing 5.4 rebounds a game with a 13.2 rebound %. That number ranks only 0.9% lower than star teammate Karl-Anthony Towns.


Ant has also made a defensive impact, improving impressively off last season. He’s became a much more engaged defender and has helped the wolves become a top 10 defensive team so far this season. With his big frame, elite athleticism and motor he’s set to be a great defender in the future.

Edwards holds the NBA season high with 10 threes made in a single game. He also had one of the biggest scoring performances with his 48 points in Golden State. He’s simply show-time. Ant is already one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA. He ranks top 10 in fan votes for guards in the west. Ant has a good case to make his FIRST ALL-STAR appearance at the age of 20.

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