DeMar DeRozan should be in the MVP discussion


So far this season we’ve only been hearing LeBron, KD and Curry for MVP and which it’s understandable they are having amazing seasons but DeRozan is also having an amazing season and should be in those MVP talks.

DeMar DeRozan WILD GAME-WINNER vs. Pacers 🤯 – YouTube

The 32yr-old DeMar DeRozan joined the Bulls this offseason after having 3 seasons at the Spurs and he has stepped up his game to the next level. Currently averaging 27 Points per game (5th highest in the league) 5 Rebounds and 4 Assists a game. DeRozan was also the first player in NBA history to hit game-winning buzzer-beaters in two consecutive days.


DEMAR DEROZAN DOES IT AGAIN! Second Game-Winner in 24 HOURS!! 😱

He has helped the Bulls get to 1st in the Eastern Conference which is surprising to most fans considering that conference also includes Nets, Bucks and the Heat.

Chicago Bulls on Twitter: “DeMar DeRozan in December: 29.3 pts 4.3 rebs 5.6 asts 52% FG 63% from three 8-0 record @DeMar_DeRozan | #NBAAllStar” / Twitter

Now will he end up winning MVP if he keeps playing like this, he could, but it’s tough this year with so much competition this season like KD, LeBron and Curry and more. It’s only half way through the season, so we never know what’s going to happen.

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