Realistic QB options for the Denver Broncos


The Denver Broncos front office have a very tough and bold decision to make this upcoming Off-Season regarding the current Quaterback situation in Denver. Having one of the best defenses in the NFL, rookie sensation Javonte Williams and vet Melvin Gordon as their running options, a highly talented WR room and an elite secondary, many view them a good Quaterback away from being Super-Bowl favorites. Here are some realistic options

  1. Malik Willis, Liberty Flames

Currently having a 7-8 record in the AFC West, the Denver Broncos are set to have a Top 15-20 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Although this Quaterback class is one of the weakest in quite a while, Malik Willis has one of the better ceilings coming into the NFL but he’s a very raw prospect. If the Broncos were to draft Willis I’d expect Drew Lock to be the Week 1 starter and then expect Willis to slowly be incorporated into the starting role. Willis is a highly electric dual-threat QB and is drawing comparisons to a young Josh Allen and also Mike Vick because of his strong arm and mechanics.

2. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks


The tension between the Seahawks and Russell Wilson are at an all time high, the Seahawks currently are having the first season with a losing record since they drafted Wilson. Wilson is also having the worst season of his career. Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract but it is reported ealier in the year that he would willingly waive that trade clause for a trade to the Cowboys, Bears, Saints or the Raiders. The Broncos weren’t on this list, but now revisiting the QB options for the teams he listed are fixed, such as the Cowboys and Bears, I think he would be pretty intrigued to be the QB1 in Denver.

3. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Former NFL MVP Matt Ryan wouldn’t be the ideal long term solution to the Broncos’ problems but he certainly would help them push for a playoff berth and a deep playoff berth. Matt Ryan is for sure nowhere near the player he was when he was in his prime but getting a vet QB who statiscally had one of the worst supporting casts in the NFL and still had his team in Playoff contention would be a great pickup for the Broncos

4. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is on his way to win his 4th MVP with the Packers, Rodgers is one of the best QBs of All-Time and arguably the most talented thrower of the football ever. Adding Rodgers to this stacked Broncos team wouldn’t only make them the immediate Super Bowl favorites, I won’t be surprised if they go undeafted with that team. Rodgers and the Broncos were reportedly so close to working out a trade this offseason at the draft night as high intensity trade talks were going on, but it never went through. Broncos fans have been dreaming about Arod in a Bronco jersey ever since. If the Green Bay Packers fail to win the Super Bowl this year, I think the possibility of this trade skyrockets through the roof.

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