Jordan Poole Shooting His Shot On And Off The Court


When Laura Harrier shared a set of pictures with Klay Thompson on Instagram, world-famous actor Zendaya commented. Jordan Poole shot his shot quicker than teammate Stephen Curry shooting a jump shot and replied to the Actors comment with “@zendaya @klaythompson double date?😂”

Well, I guess he missed this shot, but he shouldn’t be bothered as he is putting up 17.9 points on 44.2% shooting and 33.8% from deep for the Golden State Warriors. He attempts 14 field goals per game and makes 6.2, so this must just be one of Poole’s 7.8 misses. Zendaya is now in a relationship with Spiderman actor Tom Holland. Though Jordan Poole is having a much improved season from last year, so could we possibly see Zendaya coming back for the 22 year old shooting guard in the future?

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