Covid outbreak will not stop the NBA states Adam Silver


COVID-19 has surged through the NBA and absolutely destroyed teams leaving many below the minimum active players.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently told ESPN reporter Malika Andrews that the NBA has no plans of halting the season.

Over the last month, 103 players have entered the leagues COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols. Adam Silver quoted that the Omicron Variant is “beyond dominant”. Well, we can see that as it is obliterating the NBA and the community.

Currently, 65% of NBA Players have received the COVID-19 booster shot and 97 percent of players are vaccinated. Silver also stated that “The focus is on boosters for the 97% of players who have been vaccinated. As I said before, among those players who are eligible to get boosters because, as you know, there’s a waiting period after your second shot, but among those who are eligible to be boosted we are about 65%, and ideally I’d like to see that number get to 97% as well. That’s what we’re focused on right now with the PA”.


Let’s hope that players and staff can get the vaccine and the booster so they can keep their families and friends safe and so we can all enjoy the sport of basketball!

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