Who Wants Next? Top Three Opponents To Fight Jake Paul


After a convincing KO win over former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley, everyone is left with the ideas of who could fight Jake Paul next.

There has been a ton of chatter between Paul and other stars in different groups including rappers, UFC fighters, and other athletes. Paul encouraged anyone to step up to the plate stating he would fight anyone, any place, anytime.

That leaves us with some investigating to do, so let’s do our best to pin down the best available fight for the undefeated Problem Child, Jake Paul.


1. Tommy Fury — Professional Boxer

Prior to Paul-Woodley II, it was supposed to be Paul against the British professional, Tommy Fury, half-brother of boxer/fighter Tyson Fury.Although Paul has not verbally committed to giving Fury another look, the potential money involved should be interesting to the money man in Paul.

Paul-Fury was meant to be Jake Paul’s first “real” fight, as he has not faced an opponent with any true boxing background. It’s what the fans, and not so fans would love to see after four knockouts and a perfect 5-0 record thus far.

2. Soulja Boy — American Rapper

You may have laughed when you read that, I may have a little too while typing. Anyways, the beef has beef real between the Paul Brothers and Soulja Boy. The fighters have been feuding back and forth since early September and that beef is very much still alive.

The money would be huge to be honest. As crazy and random as this fight sounds, it would easily sell. You have different generations matching up and it would sell out a crowd anywhere in the US.

Paul claims Soulja Boy is too scared to fight him now, but after watching Woodley go down, maybe that statement could be slightly true. Just slightly.

3. Nate Diaz — UFC Fighter

After his KO on Woodley, Paul stood head high, chest out with the microphone and called out UFC fighter Nate Diaz for leaving the arena before his big win. Then he continued to jab at Dana White and the UFC and asked Diaz to step in the ring.

Whether he is crazy or just wants to stir the media, I’m sure several of millions of UFC fans would enjoy a fight between these two, even if it is boxing. Diaz has nothing to prove but he loves to shut people up. This is definitely his type of fight.

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