Jake Paul KO’s Tyron Woodley


Jake Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley on Saturday night, winning their rematch in dramatic fashion to remain undefeated as a boxer.

After his latest KO win over Woodley, Paul has now went on to knock out every one of his opponents including Tyron Woodley, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Ali Gib.

At 5-0, the Problem Child nickname is beginning to work out. An undefeated record and a badass nickname is a solid start to a boxing career, especially for a guy with not much background like Paul. Friday night Jake Paul stated publicly that he was going to “F**K HIM (Woodley) UP!”. Tonight that was easily backed up by a round six KO.


After a bloody and hard fought match, Paul was vocally upset with UFC members Jorge Masdival and Nate Diaz for leaving the arena early, prior to his KO. He even went on to challenge them both to a match in the future. Boy, oh boy.

Another sound bite to perfectly represent Paul and his career was that he is ready to fight “Anyone, Anytime, Any place.” So that leaves us with this last question.

Who’s next?

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