Kyrie Irving is set to return!


Kyrie Irving is set to return to the Brooklyn Nets within the next few days per a tweet from Shams Chanaria

Kyrie Irving is yet to play a game this season as he has not yet been vaccinated and there is a vaccine mandate in New York. The mandate means Nets and Knicks players are not allowed to participate in home games if they are not vaccinated. Irving will only play road games which is obviously better than him not playing at all but still not quite where the Brooklyn Nets want him to be.

The Brooklyn Nets currently hold the 1st seed in a tough Eastern Conference with a record of 21-8.

4 out of their next 10 games are away games. Below are the next 10 games for the Brooklyn Nets. The ones highlighted with green are games Kyrie Irving can participate in


Brooklyn Nets next 10 games:

Nets vs Magic @ Barclays Center

Nets vs Nuggets @ Barclays Center

Nets vs Wizards @ Barclays Center

Nets vs Trailblazers @ Moda Center

Nets vs Lakers @ Staples Center

Nets vs Clippers @ Staples Center

Nets vs 76ers @ Barclays Center

Nets vs Clippers @ Barclays Center

Nets vs Grizzlies @ Barclays Center

Nets vs Pacers @ Gainbridge Fieldhouse


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