Houston next destination for Reddish?


It is safe to say the Atlanta Hawks have been a disappointment this season. They currently rank 9th in the Eastern Conference with a record of 14-14. Last season the Hawks made a brilliant run to the Eastern Conference Finals where they were stopped by soon to be Champions Milwaukee Bucks.

The Hawks are now looking for more talent to build around Franchise Player Trae Young. Young’s stats this season have been incredible especially over the last 15 games. He has proved to all the doubters that he is still a killer when it comes to scoring even with the new foul rules.

Atlanta Hawks have decided they will be hearing offers for 22-year-old Forward Cam Reddish. The Hawks expect a first-round pick in this trade which the Houston Rockets seem to have plenty of. Houston is in need of a young Forward like Cam Reddish who can defend at an elite level as well as knock down shots from 3.

So far Reddish is having a career season, averaging 11.2 points, 1.1 steals and shooting a career-high 40% from the field, 37% from 3 and 90% from the line!!! Reddish would be perfect as he is around the same age as Rockets centre-pieces Jalen Green (19), Kevin Porter Jr (21) and Alperen Sengun (19).

Here is how a Rockets-Hawks trade could look:

Houston Rockets recieve:
Cam Reddish

Atlanta Hawks receive:
Daniel Theis
2022 First Round Pick


What would the Hawks get out of a trade like this? Well, the Hawks are looking for a First Round Pick for next years draft and with this trade, they would be getting it. Daniel Theis would create more depth in the Center or Power Forward position. Theis is a quality defender in the low post and interior. Theis can also set screens and would work well as a P&R Roll man on offence.

Rockets are getting a quality young star who could start at Shooting Guard, Small Forward or Power Forward. A versatile forward who brings energy on the defensive end as well as decent scoring on the offensive end. Reddish is only 22 which means he still has so much time to develop his 3 point shot but you can already see an improvement from last season (+10%). If the Rockets pull this trade-off then they will have themselves a quality young forward.

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