Did James Harden give Zion Williamson his fat suit?


Photo’s of Zion Williamson looking overweight have been spreading around Social Media lately.

The former 1st overall pick has been going through rehab after having surgery on a fractured foot during the offseason. Unfortunately, Williamson suffered a setback in rehabilitation and a statement was soon released during a team practice that was taken place last Saturday which said: “After experiencing persistent soreness in his right foot, Zion Williamson underwent medical imaging which showed a regression in the bone healing of his fifth metatarsal“.

This is very unfortunate for the Pelicans as they need Williamson as they currently rank 15th in the Western Conference with a record of 8-21. Last season for the Pelicans Zion averaged 27 points (8th), 7.2 rebounds and played 61 out of 72 games.


Zion is not helping himself though because there are reports from Pelicans beat writer Jake Madison that Williamson has a terrible work ethic. He tweeted that Zion had been skipping rehab workouts and falling asleep in film sessions.

This situation is looking a lot like the James Harden situation don’t you think? There were reports earlier in the year that Zion’s family was unhappy with the Pelicans and wanted him out of New Orleans. I believe Zion is doing all this on purpose to get his way out of New Orleans. Fair enough!

The Pelicans recently traded Lonzo Ball who was a very important piece to New Orleans young core and was such an elite passer who fit so well alongside Zion. All the signs are there, it is clear Zion is sick of the Pelicans and I think within the next few weeks Williamson will request a trade.

Here are some Zion highlights from the 2020-21 NBA Season


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