Multiple teams interested in Jerami Grant. Where will he land?


Detroit Pistons Forward Jerami Grant just recently came off a MIP candidate season putting up a career high 22.3ppg which was +10.3 points from the prior season.

The versatile forward is doing much the same this season for the Pistons and has created waves of interest across the league from teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trailblazers according to Shams Charania. The Pistons are reportedly ‘open’ to trading Jerami Grant according to Shams. Grant recently tore a ligament in his thumb and will most likely miss about 6 weeks of action. This shouldn’t affect his trade value though.

Detroit is most definitely rebuilding around 1st overall pick Cade Cunningham so they could probably get some picks or young players for Grant.


So what would Grant bring to the Lakers? The Lakers seem to be looking for a 3&D type wing which explains Jerami Grant quite close to perfectly. Grant is a 6-8 wing who can stretch the floor and play Shooting Guard, Small Forward and Power Forward at an elite level. He can score at will and does not shy away from being the number 1 scoring option if need be as we can see from what he is doing in Motor City. This would possibly help to fix the Lakers three point shot tendencies because they are currently 21st in the league for three-pointers attempted (33.4 3pa).

If this deal does go down then the Lakers would most likely move Anthony Davis to the Center position and slip Jerami Grant into Power Forward.

Portland Trailblazers are another team that are highly interested in Jerami Grant. Trailblazers would also benefit from getting Grant as he could be used as the primary scorer when Damian Lillard is not on the court and on top of that he brings great length and versatility on the defensive end. Blazers are currently 11-16 as the 10th seed in the Western Conference. Another problem is that Portland is constantly getting dominated on the glass, (44.1rpg, ranked 23rd) and it does not help that they have Robert Covington (6’6) often running the four because when he matches up against players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, he will get demolished on the glass. Grant could easily fit in as Portland’s Power Forward and provide them with better rebounding, and also an elite offensive ability.

I personally think that Jerami Grant to the Trailblazers would be more beneficial for him and that he would fit in better with the Trailblazers but I do believe that he would fit well in either of these teams.

Jerami Grant’s most recent stellar performance

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