NBA Teams Have Shown Trade Interest In Talen Horton-Tucker


Talen Horton-Tucker the Los Angeles Laker guard is yet to shine. Right now Tucker averages around 11 points while averaging almost 29 minutes a game. He is on a three year $30 million contract.

7 teams have expressed their very own interest in the Lakers’ young and upcoming star. Lakers’ either haven’t let him show what he is really capable of or something unknown is holding him back. As of right now we don’t know the teams that are interested but we can also make a few mock trades. Horton-Tucker can’t be traded until the 15th of the new year, so we can assume there is close to nothing in the works.

Tucker’s aggressive play style can help teams out in tremendous ways, but only if he gets the support, and structure he needs. Without knowing whom is interested it’s not safe to make any assumptions on if he will stay with the struggling Lakers or if he will get traded to any other team.


Before the season started the highly viewed Lakers were supposed to be one of the top teams in the league. Right now we aren’t getting what we hoped for. We knew the THT and Westbrook combination would be important and crucial to the Lakers’ backcourt, but we didn’t know it be would this important. If the Lakers do not get there shooting together they will struggle the rest of the season and will risk there chance of a playoff appearance. If the Lakers’ backcourt can straighten up, and apply some new motivation to themselves we will see a great rest of the season, and a really exciting one to watch.

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