Dell and Sonya Curry accuse each other of cheating


It was reported on Monday that Sonya Curry filed for Divorce from Dell after 33 years of marriage. The couple married in 1988 after dating for several years. Now in court documents obtained by TMZ, Dell Curry said Sonya has been, and currently is dating a former NFL tight end Steven Johnson. Dell, in the docs, says Sonya is living with Johnson, but Sonya denied the statement, saying she’s currently living on her own because Dell will not allow her to live at their household. When Sonya filed for divorce in June in North Carolina, she specified “marital misconduct” as the reason. Dell fired back, also accusing Sonya of “Illicit sexual misconduct” and claimed his soon ex-wife lied about it.

Sonya further admitted that she’s in a dating relationship with another man, but denied accusations of cheating on Dell, citing that it didn’t start until months after she and Dell agreed to legally separate which is likely June 14 when the papers were filed.

In the documents obtained, Dell says Sonya “began her extramarital affair with Mr. Johnson during the marriage and prior to the date of separation, and she lied to [Dell] each time she cheated on him.”

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Johnson played at Virginia Tech — where the couple met — before spending one season with the Patriots in 1988. The tight end was selected by New England with the 6th pick in the draft after piling up 1,058 receiving yards and 8 receiving TDs in his years with Virginia Tech. Johnson now owns one of the largest commercial developers in the southeastern United States and oversees all developments, sales, marketing, and operations. 

But, it’s not over yet. Sonya claims that Dell cheated on her repeatedly in their marriage while he had campaigns during his 16-year NBA career. Sonya alleges that Dell’s cheating was known to family and friends and stockpiled the details to protect her husband and family from “possible public exposure and scrutiny.” Their sons superstar Stephen Curry, sharpshooter Seth Curry, and son-in-law Damian Lee play professional basketball. No comments have been received from the pair of sons or Steven Johnson.

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