Leaked photos of NBA jerseys for next season surface on Social Media


The traditional jersey leaks are here and are surfacing on all waves of social media. We’re always so impatient to see the latest throwback jersey leak. Most of the jersey leaks are accurate when the season tip offs, and we’ve seen a record amount of new jerseys each year including the Brooklyn Nets who wore 6 different designs last season.

Brooklyn Nets

The NBA is entering it’s 75th anniversary and it’s no surprise these leaks are throwback-inspired. The Nets already have a rich jersey history and their leaked uniform may remind you of the 90s and early 2000s. Last year, Brooklyn brought back the 90s tie-die fit and impressed us further with the court designs.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls jersey is also throwback-inspired and was highly fanaticized to make another debut. This Jersey was rocked by Michael Jordan during his early years with the 80s Bulls. The sleek design will look smoky suited up on stars Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan when throwing the basketball down with authority.


Phoenix Suns

The Suns leaked uniform is inspired from past jerseys in many ways. The colorway on the edges are identical to last season’s Rally The Valley and the circle outlining the number is somewhat throwback-inspired to the Steve Nash era in Phoenix.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks’ leak brings back one of the greatest eras in history. Atlanta has had several yellow uniforms in the past. It’s a pattern in these leaks that the throwback jerseys aren’t fully identical but are heavily inspired. These jerseys were worn in the late 90s but only had full colors of black and white. Nevertheless, this throwback uniform is years in the making.

For the rest of the jersey leaks, view LeagueAlert’s Instagram page or you can find the image here:

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