DeAndre Jordan and Nets centers working on free throws with pro shooters


With the recent addition of Kyle Korver to the Brooklyn Nets coaching staff, one priority will be helping the Nets’ big men improve their shooting from the free throw line. Korver shot a career 87.9% from the line – 20th best in NBA history.

Shams Charania caught up with the Stadium in a recent video to report what Korver’s involvement with the team will hold as a player development coach. “So I’m told the priority for him will be to work with other shooters on this team: the Joe Harris’s of the world, Nic Claxton, big men on this team who can learn a lot from Kyle Korver when it comes to free throw shooting and overall shooting. Just another guy like they brought in Amar’e Stoudemire on Steve Nash’s staff and I think they’re making it a priority to bring in former players with high basketball acumen for this coaching staff.”

Even considering the loss of Mike D’Antoni and Ime Udoka, the additions of former players joining as coaches aids the player growth aspect of things. Young centers Nic Claxton and rookie Day’Ron Sharpe have shot an approximate average of 50% from the charity stripe in their basketball careers (college and NBA).


DeAndre Jordan in his second season with Brooklyn dropped back down to 50% from the line despite improvement in recent years. Jordan, the 33-year-old veteran, has recently been working out with a well-known shooting coach over social media. Chris Matthews known as “Lethal Shooter” is the NBA’s most in-demand shooting coach and has impacted/worked out with the best shooters in today’s league. DeAndre Jordan has over two months to prepare for the upcoming 21-22 season and uplift is percentage from the foul-line back to 70% or more where it once stood.


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