2021 NBA Draft Big Board (Top 45)

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  1. Cade Cunningham (PG, OSU, Freshman)– If you were to build a franchise player archetype in a lab, Cade Cunningham is exactly what you get. At 6’8″, his versatility is incredible as he can play on or off the ball, score from all three levels, defend multiple positions, run an offense, and hit big shots. Most importantly, there is a maturity factor with Cunningham, he is someone that can be a face of your franchise and a stabilizing force which is rare for a 19 year old kid. He does need to work on fixing the turnovers, but Cunningham is the most complete prospect I have evaluated. Comparison: Grant Hill/Jayson Tatum

2. Jalen Green (SG, G-League Ignite)- When talking about a prospect that plays a style that is exciting and appealing to the eye, Jalen Green is that. With his freak explosion and athleticism to go along with a Bradley Beal esc scoring package from the perimeter, he is showtime and has the upside as a scorer in this draft that Jalen Green does. He also has shown flashes of being a solid distributor and defender, but his body and feel of course will still need some maturing. But with the way he played in the G-League, I am confident his game will translate fairly quickly. With Green’s natural tools and flare, he has the most upside in the draft not named Cade Cunningham. Comparison: Zach Lavine/Bradley Beal

3. Evan Mobley (C, USC, Freshman)- I personally believe the gap between two and three in this draft is a little bigger than the consensus, but Mobley is an absolute stud as a prospect. At 7’1″ with a 7’4″ wingspan, he has unique agility and a high IQ on both ends of the floor. His athleticism and smarts make him the best defender in this draft as he can protect the rim at a high level… but also switch on the perimeter a be a problem there. Offensively, he has a soft touch around the basket, can facilitate in the post or transition, he also has potential as a shooter. He will need to be stronger and I have questions about his personality; can he be the alpha of a franchise? Nonetheless, stud prospect, best center prospect since Karl-Anthony Towns. Comparison: Anthony Davis/Chris Bosh

4. Scottie Barnes (PF, Florida State, Freshman)- Scottie Barnes has flown up my draft board throughout the year, to the point where I consider him a legit top four prospect. As a strong 6’8″ point forward with a 7’3″ wingspan and great explosion, Barnes is one of the best athletes in this class. He also is known to have a great IQ, motor, and intangibles. Those traits make him one of the best and most switchable defenders in the drafts. Offensively, he has a great handle and ability to find others, his athletic ability and touch around the rim to go along with that make him the best transition players in the draft with an underrated offensive ceiling. His shot is a big work in progress as well as his creation in the half court, but Barnes has legit star potential. Comparison: Giannis Antetokounmpo lite/Draymond Green


5. Jalen Suggs (PG, Gonzaga, Freshman) Even though Jalen Suggs isn’t a top four prospect on my board, I am a huge fan. At 6’5″ he has fantastic size for a guard, he has a great motor and athleticism, making him a relentless defender. He can really pass in open floor and pick and roll, he is a bully around the basket, and he showed throughout his historically good freshman ceiling he shows up when it matters most. I do question his scoring upside because he isn’t the most shifty and was inconsistent as a shooter, but Suggs has all the makings of a franchise leader. Comparison: Jrue Holiday/Kyle Lowry

6. Jonathon Kuminga (SF, G-League Ignite, 18 years old)- Jonathon Kuminga is one of the biggest boom or bust prospects in this draft. At 18 years old as an strong, athletic 6’8″ wing with a 6’11” wingspan, Kuminga is one of the most physically gifted prospect in the draft with room to grow. He has shown the ability to slash at the rim off the dribble, find open teammates, and defend at a high level, but he isn’t polished in those aspects. He also really struggled to shoot in the G-League from the field, three point line, and free throw line. Whoever drafts Kuminga needs to be patient, but if he ends up in the right situation, his ceiling is as high as anybody. Comparison: Young Jaylen Brown

7. Davion Mitchell (SG, Baylor, Junior)– There is no consensus on Davion Mitchell, some are super low on him, some love him, I definitely am on the higher side with how I view Mitchell. I get he is a 6’1″ 22 years old that struggled to shoot his first couple seasons in college, those are real concerns. But when I look at Mitchell, I see somebody that defends at an absolute elite level, he showed a good feel as a playmaker this year, and he is a shifty shot creator that can score from all three levels. I get he is small, but with we have seen Patrick Beverley guard bigger guys at a high level in the NBA, plus Mitchell guarded Cade Cunningham and Jalen Suggs pretty well at the college level. Hot shot making ability and consistent stroke off the bounce make me a believer in his outside shooting too. Comparison: Patrick Beverley/Donovan Mitchell

8. Tre Mann (PG, Florida, Sophomore)– Tre Mann has to be one of the most underrated prospects in the draft. In the modern NBA, combo shot making guards are valued as much as they ever have. And with Tre Mann, we are talking about a fluid 6’5″ guard with a shifty handle, can operate in the pick and roll, has an effortless stroke off the catch and off the bounce, a creative finisher, and a solid passer. His finishing needs to become more efficient and he needs to get rid of his occasional tunnel vision, but Mann has a chance to be a high-level playmaker. Comparison: D’Angelo Russell

9. Moses Moody (SF/SG, Arkansas, Freshman)– Moses Moody is the best “3 and D” prospect in this draft. He has excellent length, which helps him on the defensive end. Offensively, he does have a super effortless three point stroke that I do think will translate better in the NBA than in college, but he also has some substance off the dribble that gives him more upside than the typical “3 and D prospect.” Moody does need to show more as a facilitator to maximize his potential on the ball, but his floor is awesome and he has an underrated ceiling. Comparison: De’Andre Hunter/Khris Middleton lite

10. James Bouknight (SG, UConn, Sophomore)– Outside of Jalen Green and Cade Cunningham, James Boukbight is the best three level scorer in the draft. He is a springy athlete with good touch around the rim, he has a strong bag from mid range and three, and he has shown the ability to get hot in a hurry. He didn’t shoot great from three in college, but he has a good strong and shot well at the combine. The reason Bouknight is this low is because at this moment, he is a subpar passer and defender. How much will he improve in those areas? If he doesn’t will his scoring impact outweigh his deficiencies? Comparison: More athletic Jordan Clarkson

11. Alperen Sengun (C, Turkey, 18 years old)- This international class isn’t quite as good as it was last year, but there is certainly some international talent this year, and Sengun is the top international guy. He isn’t what you call a modern center, he can’t switch on the perimeter and his shot is a work in progress, which is also why he isn’t a top lottery talent, but his upside is very real. Sengun was one of the most productive freshman in Turkish history as he was the MVP of the Turkish League. He is an absolutely elite scorer in the post and has a nice feel for the game as a facilitator with the upside to turn into a shooter. His floor is somewhat concerning though because he isn’t a very versatile or good defender, for that matter, and isn’t a great shooter yet. But want Sengun did in Turkey and what he thrives in should not be ignored. Comparison: Domantas Sabonis/Luis Scola

12. Josh Giddey (PG, Australia, 18 years old)– Josh Giddey is another fantastic international prospect that rivals Sengun as potentially the top foreign talent. As a 6’8″ point guard, Giddey is an absolute special passer who has such a good feel of how to run an offense and elevate players around him. His rebounding is also fantastic for a guard and he shot better as the year went on. I do have concerns with his scoring ability because he isn’t the best at creating separation off the bounce and isn’t a proven shooter, but a year after LaMelo Ball, a fellow big guard with fantastic creativity, won NBL ROTY and later winning NBA ROTY, Giddey should generate buzz because of his similarities archetype and back ground wise. Comparison: Taller Ricky Rubio/LaMelo Ball lite

13. Kai Jones (C, Texas, Sophomore)- Kai Jones is one of the most interesting prospects in the draft. He didn’t start playing basketball till he was 15 years old, which explains why he is raw, like most Texas prospects but he has a ton of tools. Kai Jones is the most athletic big in the draft because of his explosion, strength, and agility, which gives him tons of upside on both ends. He can run up and down the floor and function as a lob threat in transition at a high level, he also has shown flashes off the dribble and as a shooter. Jones will need to improve his post defensive positioning and become more consistent as a shooter and ball handler, but definitely has one of the highest ceilings in the draft outside the top six. Comparison: James Wiseman/Myles Turner

14. Keon Johnson (SG, Tennessee, Freshman)– Keon Johnson is arguably the most athletically gifted shooting guard in the draft, even over Jalen Green, due to his good length, quickness and explosion, which we saw in the combine as he displayed a combine record breaking 48 inch vertical. He puts those physical tools to use as he was one of the best defensive freshman in the country, he could definitely become an All-Defense type defender, if he gets stronger. Offensively, he likes to get to the rim and finish over you, he has a smooth package from the mid range, and he can pass. Johnson is not a top 10 prospect because he does need to improve as a three point shooter and decision maker, he also needs to add weight to his 185 pounds frame. Johnson isn’t going to be a major impact guy right away, but lots of potential to groom. Young Jimmy Butler/Isaac Okoro

15. Trey Murphy III (SF, Virginia, Junior)- Trey Murphy is one of the biggest risers during this year’s draft prospect, and with good reaosn, because he has the makings of being the elite “3 and D” role player contenders crave. He has a beautiful stroke and shot the lights out this year, having a 50/40/90 season. He is a fantastic defender with good size and length and showed the upside of perhaps becoming an elite one on one defender. It is to be seen how high Murphy’s shot creating ceiling is, but teams that are trying to win should go after Murphy heavily. Comparison: Mikal Bridges

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16. Ayo Dosunmu (PG, Illinois, Junior)- Ayo Dosunmu was one of the best college player in the country, yet he isn’t getting the buzz he deserves. He is a 6’5″ guard with a level of craftiness, shiftiness, and quickness that allows him to get to his spots inside. He has a very good mid range game, and he can facilitate in the pick and roll, even though I wouldn’t call him an amazing passer. He also is a very good defender with good length. I get he isn’t the strongest to most explosive, which is why he may not go in the first round, but I don’t think that is going to hurt his offensive capability much. Dosunmu does have some holes, but his production and skillset needs to receive more recognition. Comparison: Shai-Gilgeous Alexander lite

17. Jared Butler (PG, Baylor, Junior)– Jared Butler isn’t somebody that’s going to wow you with his amazing handle, athleticism, or ability to make freak plays on both ends, but he is someone that does his job effectively. Point guards that can shoot, run an offense, operate in the pick and roll, and defend tend to translate in the NBA because those are important attributes in the modern game. It’s super awesome Butler got approval to play in the league despite his heart condition. He should have a very steady career in the league. Comparison: George Hill

18. Sharife Cooper (PG, Auburn, Freshman)- Sharife Cooper is one of the tougher evaluations in the draft. His handle, the shiftiness he has with the ball in his hands to go along with his jaw dropping vision certainly gives him star potential. The problem is he really struggled to shoot the ball from all three levels and as a six foot guard, that can take away a lot from his playmaking ability as he can’t see over bigger guys. Plus he is a limited defender as he lacks the physical tools on that end. If Cooper reaches his star potential, it’ll be because he becomes a competent shooter in the league. Comparison: Chris Paul without the jumper

19. Miles McBride (PG/SG, UWV, Sophomore)- Miles McBride is one of the best perimeter defenders in the draft and was one of the more improved offensive players in the country. Offensively, he lacks zero confidence, he is not afraid to pull it from anywhere and can hit tough shots from the mid range and three at a pretty efficient level, he really likes the step back to create separation. Defensively, he’s a pest, he is athletic and has an awesome 6’9” wingspan, he is super physical and has an everlasting motor. McBride isn’t a true point guard yet, he makes very questionable decisions at time with his shot selection considering the context of the shot clock or game, but he his two way ability, his shooting, and confidence gives him a lot of upside. Comparison: Kyle Lowry lite

20. Na’Shon Hyland (PG, VCU, Sophomore)– Na’Shon Hyland really improved his stock in this draft buy shooting the lights out and destroying it in scrimmages at the drafy combine. He is a fluid shot creator that can hit contested shots from everything, especially from range. He is an elite shooting that is comfortable on and off the ball, he also is a decent passer. Hyland will need to get much stronger to consistently finish around the rim at the NBA level and to defend, but his shot making is very intriguing. Comparison: Immanuel Quickley

21. Corey Kisbert (SF/SG, Gonzaga, Senior) – Corey Kisbert will succeed in the NBA because he has an elite skill, he is the best shooter in this draft. He can shoot off the catch, he has good movement off the ball, he can also shoot on pull ups at time. He is also a pretty active and solid team defender. Kisbert is a low ceiling prospect, though, because he a special athlete by any means and lacks consistent shot creation ability. His role in the league will be as an absolute sniper and that has value. Comparison: Joe Harris/Doug McDermott

22. Franz Wagner (SF/SG, Michigan, Sophomore)- Franz Wagner is exactly what you call a Swiss Army knife. As a 6’9” wing with a strong basketball IQ who can shoot, defend multiple, function as a secondary playmaker, and function m off the ball, he can do a little bit of everything. The reason why I don’t view him as a top 10 prospect like most others is I don’t see anything in his skillset that is elite, he is good in many things, but not eye popping in one thing, and his average athleticism to go along with that lowers him some from me. But Swiss Army knife type wings are more valued today than they ever have, so he has a chance to be a very high end role player. Comparison: Nicolas Batum/Kyle Anderson

23. Chris Duarte (SG, Oregon, Senior)– Chris Duarte may be 24 years old right now, but his skillset should not scare away NBA teams picking after the lottery. He is an elite shooting with an impeccable stroke, maybe the best stroke in the draft. He is an elite shooter off the catch, he can create a little bit off the bounce, he can find open teammates, and he is a very good and physical defender. He may not have a ton of room to grow compared to other rookies because of his age, but contenders absolutely need to take a look at a Duarte he should be a very solid player right away on a rookie contract. Comparison: Kevin Hurter with more defense

24. Jalen Johnson (PF/SF, Duke, Freshman)- Jalen Johnson is another difficult prospect to peg because as an athletic 6’9” forward who can handle, rebound, and facilitate in the open court, there is a lot of talent here. But he was incredibly inconsistent at Duke throughout his freshman year and character questions have amounted since he decided to leave Duke early to prepare for the draft. If Johnson ends up in the right situation and shows maturity, he could be a very good player in the league, but he will need to prove teams that’s a high possibility. Comparison: Deni Avdija

25. Day’Ron Sharpe (C, UNC, Freshman)- Day’Ron Sharpe is another prospect I find to be underrated. He is a super athletic big with an NBA ready frame right now, he is one of the better defenders in this draft, an elite rebounder, he can really pass out in the post, and he has solid touch around the rim. He has shot well in draft workouts, but he didn’t show any shooting at UNC and shot poor from the line in college, which could make him hard to play at the end of games. If he can prove to shoot the ball well eventually, he will be known as a huge steal in this draft, but he will need to do that to be any more than a very solid energy big. Comparison: Robert Willaims

26. Usman Garuba (PF, Real Madrid, 19 years old)- Usman Garuba is one of the more accomplished prospects in this draft as he played a legit role on an elite foreign basketball program in Real Madrid. He is a fantastic defender that has length and can legit guard four positions. Offensively, he is very raw as a scorer but he can finish around the basket, and find open teammates with the ball in his hands. His shooting and decision making with the ball needs a ton of work, but his defensive versatility is up there with the best defenders in the draft. Comparison: Jarred Vanderbilt

27. Cameron Thomas (SG, LSU, Freshman)- Cameron Thomas was one of the mist electric scorers in the country last year as a freshman. He was able to get tough shots off from the outside and make them at an impressive rate, he also played with a level of confidence you need as a volume scorer. Even though he’s a talented scorer, he does have question marks as his decision making wasn’t always great, he isn’t an efficient scorer, he isn’t a sensational athlete, his defense and passing were also subpar. He will need to prove at the next level his scoring prowess outweighs what he lacks in other aspects of the game. Comparison: Lou Williams lite

28. Josh Christopher (SG, ASU, Freshman)– Josh Christopher had an up and down season at ASU, but throughout the season and combine, his upside was certainly undeniable. As a strong and athletic 6’5” guard that has the tools to be a very good defender. His shot creation offensively is also super promising as he can finish through contact inside and his tough shots in the perimeter. Christopher will need to develop a better sense for finding teammates, he has tunnel vision at times, his three point shooting isn’t ideal either, but his physical tools and scouting potential give him a lot of upside going forward. Comparison: Nick Young

29. Isaiah Jackson (C/PF, Kentucky, Freshman)– Isaiah Jackson is one of this draft’s very best rim protectors, he has good athleticism, length, and timing that makes him a force in the paint, as good of a shot blocker as this class has to provide. Offensively, he is a solid finisher around the rim in transition and in the dunker spot. The reason why Jackson is low on this is because he doesn’t really provide anything on the offensive end yet, not a good shooter, not much to provide with the ball in his hands. But his rim protection and athleticism will make him likely a top 21 pick. Comparison: Smaller Mitchell Robinson

30. Jaden Springer (PG/SG, Tennessee, Freshman)- Jaden Springer had a very solid s season at Tennessee and the skillset he showed in college should give him a good floor in the NBA. Springer has a string 6’4” frame, he is a solid finisher around the basket, willing passer, showed flashes of being able to hit an open shot, and he is an engaged defender. What makes his ceiling questionable to me is he was not a good playmaker at the pick and roll at all, he struggled to create separation off the bounce, and he has no elite skill offensively. Springer could have a solid role in the NBA a secondary playmaking rotational player. Comparison: De’Anthony Melton

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31. Vrenz Bleijenbergh (SF, Belgium, 20 years old)– Vrenz Bleijenbergh is on track to become the first player ever from Belgium to be drafted. At 6’10” he is unique as he can create his own shot and get hot from three, he is also a fantastic passer. He will need to continue his skillset and add muscle, but he is a first round talent worth gambling on because of that long-term upside. Comparison: Older Aleksej Pokusevki

32. Isaiah Todd (PF, G-League Ignite, 19 years old)- Isaiah Todd is one of the forgotten five star prospects from the G-League ignite, but he quietly had a very good season for them. He showed his pure stroke as he is a very good shooter from both mid range and three for a big. He also has a pretty solid frame that should translate to the NBA. He will need to improve his interior presence as he is not a great finisher around the big and isn’t a fantastic rebounder, but he should be able to find a role in the league as a stretch big. Comparison: Channing Frye

33. Zhiare Williams (SF/SG, Stanford, Freshman)– Zhaire Williams had a very tough season at Stanford, he played poorly and struggled to hit any shot from all three levels, his lack of strength really showed. But you also have to be understanding of what he went through off the court, Stanford stayed at hotels in Santa Cruz, he experienced loss in his family, he also was dealing with injuries, so it is hard to thrive in that situation. Williams’ skillset as a fluid 6’8″ wing that has upside as a defender and can create separation off the dribble from the perimeter with a pure stroke gives him the upside worth gambling on. Comparison: Cam Reddish

34. JT Thor (PF, Auburn, Freshman)– JT Thor is another guy who has been impressing during there draft process and very well may be a first round pick. He is a very athletic forward that can defend three+ positions, be a threat in transition, and there are good signs with his shooting. He does need to add weight, improve his shooting, I also believe he has upside on the ball whoever takes him needs to be patient. Comparison: Al Farouq-Aminu/Young Pascal Siakam

35. Joshua Primo (SG, Alabama, Freshman)- Josh Primo is the youngest player in the entire draft, that fact alone makes people excited. He is a very athletic shooting guard with great length that is capable of defending 1-3, he shows promise as a secondary playmaker when he goes to his right, he also is a very good shooter from three. He dramatically needs to improve his handle and finish to his left hand, he doesn’t have a mind-blowing first step, he naturally still also has to grow into his frame, but Primo has talent and could’ve competed for a lottery pick if he waited until next year to declare. Comparison: Young Caris Levert

36. Quinton Grimes (SG, Houston, Junior)- Quinton Grimes was once a projected lottery pick as a freshman, but after struggling at Kansas, his stock fell, but he is quickly climbing back up. He is an elite shooter who shoots in with major confidence on the catch and on the bounce. He plays with great passion and physicality on both ends and on the glass, he has grit that NBA teams should love. He isn’t much of a playmaker and isn’t an ideal creator off the dribble, but credit to Grimes for brining himself back into the first round conversation. Comparison: Gary Trent Jr.

37. Luka Garza (C, Iowa, Senior)– Luka Garza was arguably the most productive college center since Shaq, but he won’t get near the draft hype Shaq did. I get it, he is very slow footed and a huge liability defensively, but he did lose weight after his last season at Iowa, which could help there, and he has an elite trait as a shooter, while being able to finish around the basket. It is very possible Garza’s defense plays him off the court, but it is equally possible his offensive ability, especially his shooting, helps a team that has the proper defensive assistance for him. Comparison: Bucks Brook Lopez without the rim protection

38. Jason Preston (PG, Ohio, Junior)- Jason Preston is one of the cooler stories in this draft, he went from averaging 4 PPG as a senior in high school to being a legitimate draft prospect, he shows it is never too late tp chase your dreams. He has solid size as a 6’4″ point guard, he has very advanced vision as a passer, he is effective on the glass, and he was very efficient as a scorer. He does need to get bigger, improve his free throw shooting, and cut down on turnovers, if he does a couple of those things, he has a chance to have a very steady career in the NBA. Comparison: Michael Carter-Willams with perhaps better shooting

39. Charles Bassey (C, West Kentucky, Junior)– Charles Bassey is a very big and intriguing center with good agility that can run the floor, he has a good presence in the paint as a finisher and rim protector, his shooting also does show some promise. There are tools he has as an all-around offensive player and lacks an elite skill and there is always a question about how small school player translates to the NBA. Bassey has talent, it just won’t show right away in the NBA most likely. Comparison: Bismack Biyombo with more offense

40. Kessler Edwards (SF, Pepperdine, Junior)– Kessler Edwards was maybe not at a powerhouse since he went to Pepperdine, but his production was very intriguing. Edwards is a 6’8″ with a very good stroke, he shot very good from three and the free throw line, he is a good defender that thrives in off-ball and team defense situations. He will need to improve his strength and shot creation ability doesn’t scream upside, but he could have a very long career as a solid 3 and D wing. Comparison: Dorian Finney-Smith

41. Flip Petrusev (PF, Serbia, 21 years old)– Once a very good player at Gonzaga, Flip Petrusev has proven his worth in the college level and pro level. He is a super effective big in the pick that can finish around the rim and post up at times, his shooting also took a major leap. He isn’t the most athletic center, his rim protection is nothing to brag about, and he lacks one elite trait, but the production Petrusev had at Mega Soccerbet is worth considering. Comparison: Meyers Leonard

42. Aaron Henry (SF, Michigan, Junior)– Aaron Henry is an athletic and physical wing who plays with a high motor and is capable of guarding the 1-3, and perhaps power forwards at spurts. He is a threat in transition with his athleticism and he has shown he can finish around the rim with some finesse with his power as well. He has not developed much as a shooter or a ball handler in his time at Michigan, he will need to work in those areas to be more than an energy guy in the professional level. Comparison: Josh Okogie

43. Brandon Boston Jr. (SG, Kentucky, Freshman)- Brandon Boston Jr. probably saw his stock fall further than anybody in this draft. He was once a potential top three pick, now it looks unlikely he goes in the first round. His lack of strength really haunted him on both ends of the floor, the game also seemed too fast for him, he didn’t seem comfortable at the college level. He does have good athleticism and flashes of scoring versatility from the perimeter, he shot very well from three in the final third of the season. The talent is there, but he needs a lot of time to refine his craft and to add strength to become a legitimate NBA player. Comparison: Kevin Knox

44. Joel Ayayi (SG/PG, Gonzaga, Junior)– Joel Ayayi has been a very underrated piece for Gonzaga for a while now. He has a very solid stroke and can shoot it at an acceptable level from the outside, he brings it on the defensive end, and is one of the best cutters in the draft. There isn’t a ton of upside with Ayai because he isn’t the most dynamic playmaker with the ball, but he could be a very solid secondaryy playmaking bench piece in the league. Comparison: Delon Wright

45. Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (PF, Villanova, Sophomore)– Jeremiah Robinson-Earl was very productive at a very good school in Villanova that has a history of developing very good NBA players. He is a physical player that plays hard on both ends, he likes to get to the rim off straight line drives pr bodying in the post, he also shoots well from mid range. To follow the pedigree of other very good Villanova players, he will need to show his physical traits to go along with his physical play style translates to the NBA level smoothy, he also really needs to become a good three point shooter so he is as playable as possible in an NBA rotation. Comparison: Paul Millsap lite

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