Wayne Gretzky to Become Hockey Analyst


Without a doubt, Wayne Gretzky is the most dominant player in the sport of Hockey, and with ESPN and Turner Sports closing a deal with the NHL to cover games, Gretzky would be a huge name to bring on to cover games because of how big he is in the sport of hockey.

ESPN reportedly offered Gretzky big bucks, with an amount of two million dollars a year being rumored to be what they would give to the 60 year old, but unfortunately, that was not enough to secure Gretzky.

Turner Sports saw the opportunity to sign Gretzky and more than doubled the amount that ESPN was willing to give him, offering ‘The Great One’ five million dollars yearly to analyze games.


Gretzky would have a similar role to Charles Barkley on ‘Inside the NBA’ and Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports.

It will be great to see Gretzky back in the field of professional hockey, and it will be very intriguing to see where he ends up signing and what his role will be as an NHL analyst.

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