What’s Next for Jake Paul?: 3 potential fights for Paul in the near future


Love him or hate him, Jake Paul moved on to 3-0 last night after stopping Professional MMA fighter, Ben Askren, in the very first round. Following a dynamite overhand right, Askren was “unable” to answer the referee’s count.

Who’s next in line for a payday boxing affair?

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is always a name that will be tossed around in the combat sports world when talking about potential fights. His appeal is that massive, whether you watch him to cheer or watch him to lose, he brings the views. Being a business man, Floyd knows the amount of dollars a bout with Jake Paul would bring and we know we’d all tune in.

Mike Perry

Perry saw the payout opportunity offered to Askren for the Paul bout and let it be known that he wanted in on those opportunities. Fans online saw the possibility and ran with it.


After losing his last MMA fight, Perry might make the temporary switch to boxing on Triller and setting his family up for life. Might as well get paid millions if you’re gonna get your nose broken every fight.

Dillon Danis

Finally, the ultimate clout chaser, Dillion Danis is available for the bout. Being that Danis does nothing, but call out every relevant MMA figure (or money opportunity) and tout his abilities to beat anyone while not fighting since 2019, Danis may be next in line for Paul. Danis is currently under contract with Bellator, so chances are slim with a fight, but Scott Coker has shown an affinity for cross-promotion in the past. Maybe Dillon Danis can get the fame he desperately wants and be the one to stop Jake Paul. He may not be the hero we want, but he might be the one we need.

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