Jake Paul Being Sued for Sexual Assault by TikTok Star Justine Paradise amid Fight Against Ben Askren


YouTube star Jake Paul has been accused of sexual assault by TikTok star Justine Paradise, just days in advance of his highly anticipated fight with Ben Askren. The fight is schedule for April 17, 2021.

Justine made the claims over a YouTube video posted last Friday, detailing the horrid events as well as previous meetings and relations between her and Jake.

Paradise explained how they had many “awkward” encounters with Paul in the past, however they had hung out multiple times at the Team 10 house.


Allegedly, the incident took place in 2019, however Paradise insisted in her video “the time going by doesn’t change anything, it still happened, and I still think about it every single day since it happened”. She also mentioned Paul had been flirting consistently leading up to this specific meetup.

Paul denies the accusation entirely, and intends to take legal action. He claims to pursue legal action, as he insists it is a false claim.

In a written statement, Paul denied the accusation and explained why he believes the claim has happened, “Not only have I never had any sexual relationship with this individual, but this claim is solely a manufactured accusation and a blatant attempt for attention during a highly visible fight week”.

Further, Paul repeated that he has never done anything of this sort in his life, stating: “I most certainly have never laid a finger on a girl without their consent, I will fight this to the end to prove my innocence. This isn’t the first preposterous allegation made against me in my career and it most likely won’t be the last.”

Paul is still scheduled to fight Ben Askren this Saturday, at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta.

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