NFL Draft Needs: AFC East Edition


The AFC East could be a division that has all four squads competing for the division in a couple of seasons.

The Bills took the division crown last season leaving out the Patriots who dominated the East for the past 20 or so seasons. As for the New York Jets, they will look to add Zach Wilson in all likely hood to turn around their ship and head upwards to success.

The Patriots will have another solid year of defense with returning players from COVID concerns. Belichick and the Pats could even trade up for Mac Jones or Trey Lance if they feel the need.


The Dolphins are sticking with Tua Tagovailoa, surrounding him with weapons like Will Fuller and attempting to make the playoffs after just missing out last year with a 10-6 record.

Buffalo Bills

Head Coach: Sean McDermott
Offensive MVP: Josh Allen
Defensive MVP: Tre White
Biggest Draft Needs: OL, DL, RB
Draft Picks: 30, 61, 93, 161, 174, 213, 236

The Bills are a couple pieces away from a Super Bowl. They went on a tear this year and Josh Allen will have another great year in Sean McDermott’s system. The offensive line remains an issue and the pass rush needs to improve to make a deep playoff run.

Safe Pick: Any offensive lineman.

The Bills have a mobile and agile guy at QB with Josh Allen, but that does not necessarily mean you want him running for his life after a collapsed pocket on 70% of the snaps. Allen has a huge arm and could benefit from a talented young lineman up front to build some chemistry with.

Risk Pick: Rondale Moore

It’s hard to say Moore would be available but it’s hard to say if he was that Buffalo would pass on him. Diggs and Beasley are great but adding one more guy to this offense will lift Allen’s talent to a max and produce potentially an MVP-type year.

Draft Goal: Fix offensive line

Miami Dolphins

Head Coach: Brian Flores
Offensive MVP: Myles Gaskin
Defensive MVP: Xavien Howard
Biggest Draft Needs: OL, DL, WR
Draft Picks: 6, 18, 36, 50, 81, 156, 231, 258

The Dolphins are fully committed to QB Tua Tagovailoa and will surround him with talent to incline his play. The defense will remain solid but could be added to via draft.

Safe Pick: Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts has all the tools to be anywhere on the offensive side of the field. A generational talent that leaves Tua Tagovailoa with no excuses if he fails.

Risk Pick: Devonta Smith

Smith’s size has been seen as a minor issue, if an issue at all, but some scouts believe Smith won’t produce as much as he did in college based on his smaller frame. It’s a risky pick but it could pay off tremendously well for Miami.

Draft Goal: Surround Tua Tagovailoa with more talent to leave him with no excuses to fail.

New York Jets

Head Coach: Robert Saleh
Offensive MVP: Corey Davis
Defensive MVP: Marcus Maye
Biggest Draft Needs: QB, CB, EDGE
Draft Picks: 2, 23, 34, 66, 86, 107, 146, 154, 186, 226

The New York Jets could really begin to turn everything around if they hit big on their 2nd overall pick. The future of the Jets is on the clock.

Safe Pick: Zach Wilson

Wilson could be overrated coming into this NFL draft, but he’s not a bad QB at all. His competitors were light which could be viewed several ways, but BYU’s schedule was the easiest they played in 7 seasons. Wilson will go to New York, no doubt.

Risk Pick: Justin Fields

Fields was amazing at the college level and could really take over the NFL given his ability and play style. The problem is some mechanics and throwing issues still remain an eye sore and New York already loves Zach Wilson.

Draft Goal: Hit gold on new franchise QB after messing up the “Tank for Trevor”

New England Patriots

Head Coach: Bill Belichick
Offensive MVP: Cam Newton
Defensive MVP: Stephon Gilmore
Biggest Draft Needs: WR, QB, LB
Draft Picks: 15, 46, 96, 120, 122, 139, 177, 188, 197, 242

The Patriots missed the playoffs and decided to spend big money all around the field to ensure a stronger playoff push in 2021. Cam Newton is back under center, and the Patriots are surely looking at the QB market and have been even while Tom Brady was still playing in New England.

Safe Pick: Jaylen Waddle

Waddle would instantly give the Patriots a weapon for the now and future and could solve a big offensive hole. It’s an obvious selection if available.

Risk Pick: Kwity Paye

Kwity Paye is an athletic freak that I personally believe was used inefficiently at Michigan. Paye needs to just pass rush and Bellichick could make him into a star, but it could take some time as he is viewed as a semi-project after a poor season.

Draft Goal: Build up the offense to maximize Cam Newton’s contract; Find QB.

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