Jones-Ngannou Mega Fight Becoming a Legitimate Possibility


After the main event at UFC 260 last Saturday there have been a lot of questions on who will get the next Heavyweight title shot. The obvious answer is easily the 15 time Light Heavyweight world champ, Jon Jones.

But with a big fighter like Jon Jones comes A LOT of money. Pretty much any UFC fan realizes how awesome of a fight Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones would be, but the question is, should Jon Jones get paid the $15M he’s asking for.

He’s definitely taken his frustrations out on twitter asking to be cut on multiple occasions, with having at least 15 deleted tweets over the last few days. Jon Jones has come out and said he’s asking for upwards of 15 million dollars, while the UFC is only offering 8-10 million per source. The #2 Heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis has even come out and said he would take $8M to fight Ngannou in a rematch.


So the biggest question in the UFC right now is, who will fight The Predator, and due to Jones’ twitter fit, fans believe Jones is dodging Ngannou because of his brutal power. Of course Jon had to get his April Fools joke out tweeting late Thursday night, “I just had a great dinner and the best conversation I’ve had with Dana in a very long time, we got the deal done. Date to be announced soon.” It’s a pretty mean troll to UFC fans as we all want to see the mega-fight between these two, so to have that be a lie, was pretty painful.

However, we’re looking at a legitimate reality now, of Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou facing off in a mega-fight in the near future. It seems to now be just a matter of when.

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