Flashback: Katya Elise Henry Controversy With Kyle Kuzma, Tyler Herro


Tyler Herro, 20, and Katya Elise Henry, 26, reportedly started dating during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which the couple exchanged several flirty tweets back and forth.

The couple has been seen dancing together in TikTok videos and Instagram posts ever since their first social media change back in March. They seem happy, but there is some true history that transpired prior to Herro’s relationship with model Katy’s Elise Henry that we need to dig into.

Prior to the couples official startup, Henry dated Los Angeles Lakers young star Kyle Kuzma. The couples break up is still questionable today, but Henry took to Twitter to settle that by saying Kuzma, “Can’t Handle.”


Henry, a fitness influencer with over eight million followers on Instagram, began to date Herro during the 2020 season where the Miami Heat made their strong playoff run ultimately landing in the finals with the Lakers and guess who? Kyle Kuzma.

Throughout the playoffs, Henry was consistently showing her love and support for new-mate Tyler Herro, sometimes even blasting Miami’s own fans for their slander against her boyfriend.

Now that we truly know the potential beef between Tyler Herro and Kyle Kuzma, was the NBA Finals “Snarl” look by Herro directed towards Kuzma? Did Herro turn up in the playoffs because of all this fuel?

It’s hard to question it.

Although Kyle Kuzma and the Lakers won the NBA Finals, most think it’s fair to say that Tyler Herro is winning most of the battles in this war.

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