Jimmy Garoppolo: Trade Destinations


The San Francisco 49ers were one of the hottest teams last season when they ran straight through the NFC conference and landed in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Fast forward just a year later, and the 49ers squad that once looked elite looked close to completely depleted from injuries and lackluster play.

Last season the franchise was expected to at least make the postseason and at most win a Super Bowl, but the team ended up finishing 6-10 missing the playoffs just a season after their Super Bowl run.


To think that Jimmy Garoppolo is not a capable starter in the NFL is ridiculous, but he is semi-inconsistent on the throwing end of things, and tends to be a tad injury prone as well.

The 49ers are heavily involved in the offseason QB talks involving Deshaun Watson, Sam Darnold, and more. The question we all are asking is will San Francisco retain their once Super Bowl starting QB, or will they decide to change gears and look elsewhere at the position?

Let’s look into where Jimmy G could be headed next of the 49ers decide his time is over.

New England Patriots

You cannot say the Patriots wouldn’t welcome this comeback of Jimmy Garoppolo. New England loved Garoppolo all of his time there and really didn’t want to move on from him until Tom Brady felt threatened for his QB1 position. It’s crazy to think he could end up right back where he started, but it could be a great mixture in that offense.

New York Jets

This deal would reunite Garoppolo with former DC Robert Saleh and bring a veteran QB who is capable of winning now. The Jets will most likely take a QB in this years NFL draft, but this is a fun idea to float around.

Chicago Bears

Chicago has been all ears on both Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, but Garappolo is an upgrade at QB and Chicago wouldn’t turn down a chance if they can’t secure a starter for next season. Chicago has a ton of capital to give via trade but it’s a matter of whether the fit is right.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are another team that’s could be interested but will most likely lean on the draft to secure their franchise QB. Garoppolo would have some nice prices in DJ Moore and Robby Anderson to throw to but this situation is unlikely.

Washington Football Team

Washington wouldn’t benefit from any QB right now as they only have Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen on roster, both whom have little NFL experience. Obviously Washington’s defense is not the problem and the real issues stand at the QB position. With a trade for Garoppolo, Washington could compete for a second consecutive NFC East division crown.

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