Kim Kardashian is Officially Single: Athletes and stars odds at becoming the celebs’ next partner


The once powerful duo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has fallen out and is now headed to an official divorce causing a rise in attention on who could be next for Kim.

Respectfully, the marriage had its ups and downs but it’s no surprise that this marriage ended; some could have even predicted that it could of ended prior to the couples engagement.

Obviously nobody would like to make fun of or belittle the couple or the separation, but recently a sportsbook opened up odds on who Kim Kardashian’s next partner could be next.


Who doesn’t love a good little bet, eh?

NBA stars begin to crack the list at 2 and 3 with Warriors star Klay Thompson +650, and +800.

Just behind them comes the odds set at +1000 for James Harden and Drake who happen to have some history in the Kardashian family drama.

Coming in at +1200 are some recent superstars in their own fields in Michael B. Jordan and Lamar Jackson.

NBA stars overtake the list again as odds hit +1400 for Kendrick Lamar and Damian Lillard, and Kyrie Irving topping of the top ten at +1600.

Now when we take a look at the list, it makes sense until you dig a little deeper into your research on each of the candidates.

James Harden – Single but dated Chloe K (2015-2016)

Paul George – Engaged to girlfriend Daniela Rajic

Reggie Bush – Married to Lilit Avagyan

Drake – Dating Sophie Brussaux; has a 3-year-old son

Klay Thompson – In relationship with Laura Harrier

Lamar Jackson – Dating Jaime Taylor

Kendrick Lamar – Engaged to Whitney Alford

Damian Lillard – Engaged to Kay’la Hanson

Looking at all these relationships, this sportsbook could potentially be the first non-human home wrecker ever, but we’re all for it. The drama is in full swing but this leaves James Harden and Van Jones with the best odds considering they’re on the dating market.

Looking at the high profile list, it could be all for not as for the past seven years, Kim Kardashian has dealt with and tried to help Kanye West and his antics. Maybe she will decide she wants to steer away from artists and stick to someone on the outside circle.

Other potential candidates consist of other athletes and stars such as Harry Styles, Nick Cannon, Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Garoppolo, and even Ben Simmons.

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