Wentz To Indianapolis; Poised For A Comeback?


The Indianapolis Colts made a decision last season that their best option available at QB would be Philip Rivers, so they signed the veteran QB to a one-year deal to give him one last run at a Super Bowl ring.

Now as the Colts gathered once again this offseason, they found themselves in a similar position of having doubts at the QB position. Having Jacoby Brissett helps, but he has proven that he is not a 16-game type of quarterback.

With a solid defense and above average offensive unit, Indianapolis had to capitalize on a trade for once Eagles QB, Carson Wentz.


The once MVP-favorite was traded from Philadelphia in exchange for a 2021 3rd-round pick and a 2022 2nd-round pick if Wentz plays 75% of the snaps in the season, or 70% of the snaps and reaches the playoffs.

Whether you feel this trade was a steal for one side or another, Carson Wentz still has a ton to prove, but everything is set up for him to succeed with Indianapolis.

Wentz had his best days as an Eagle with a healthy offensive line, an absolute unit in Jason Kelce, Brandon Brooks, and Lane Johnson. The Colts have one of the best lineman in Quinton Nelson, and a top-five offensive line as a whole. Running back Jonathon Taylor is also poised for a year-two jump and will benefit from having a more mobile QB.

The Colts could win the division, even compete for a championship but it all starts and ends with Carson Wentz and his play.

As for the Eagles, what happened to a first-round pick?

Reports had the Eagles pushing teams for higher draft assets just for a 3rd-round pick? Yes, you now have a chance at a 1st-round pick in 2022, but that does not help you now or even next season when you will be in season. Howie Roseman has a lot of things to figure out this offseason, and a lot of pressure on him too.

Additionally, Philadelphia released receivers Desean Jackson and Alshon Jefferey and defensive tackle Malik Jackson Friday afternoon, freeing up much needed cap space.

The Eagles came out and stated that they plan to bring in competition at the QB position to battle with Jalen Hurts, so what could that mean?

Holding onto the 6th overall pick in this years draft is vital for the Eagles and the direction coach Nick Sirianni wants to go. All signs point to an offensive upgrade at receiver, but reports point to a possibility of landing a QB like Justin Fields, ZachWilson, or even Trey Lance.

Howie Roseman and Jefferey Lurie will remain in close contact this offseason about personnel and roster changes, but Roseman has usually had the last say on draft picks; that could change this offseason if this draft pick is not to ownerships pleasing.

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