21 January 2021



Tampa Bay Rays’ Randy Arozarena Arrested Following Domestic Abuse Incident

Rays’ outfielder and postseason hero Randy Arozarena was arrested and detained in Mexico for an alleged plan to try and kidnap his daughter from his ex-wife. Details regarding the full report of the arrest and a motive are still scarce but the information that has already been provided is as follows:

While staying at his home in Mexico, Arozarena arrived at his ex-wife’s home to try and take his daughter back with him using physical violence. Reports also say that Arozarena assaulted the woman’s father and that there was a lot of additional violence that occurred, but has not yet had any details provided. 


There is still a lot of unknown information regarding the incident, but Arozarena is currently being held in custody for 48 hours as more information is being gathered and released. It is up to Major League Baseball to decide whether or not Arozarena will receive a punishment for violating MLB’s domestic abuse policies. The Cuban-born outfielder was signed as an international free agent by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2016 and was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in the winter of 2019. The rookie outfielder burst onto the scene during the Rays’ 2020 playoff run setting new playoff records in hits (27) and home runs (10). He became the first player in MLB history to have double-digit home runs in a single postseason.

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