Anthony Edwards is the New Favorite to be the First Pick in the NBA Draft


With only two days until the NBA draft, teams are finalizing their plans on what to do both on draft night and free agency. In a draft with no consensus #1 pick, it has been a guessing game around NBA circles with what the Timberwolves will do with the first selection. Some people think the will go Lamelo Ball, the wildly creative 6’7” point guard, Anthony Edwards, freakishly athletic scoring machine, or even James Wiseman, the 7’1” physical specimen. Now it seems we might be getting a better sense of who will be the top pick.

“Since winning the lottery, the Timberwolves have at times sent out strong signals that they’re interested in all three of Edwards, Wiseman and Ball (with whom they conducted another virtual interview over the weekend). That might be an indication of uncertainty or an attempt to juice trade offers. Regardless, the pick remains in flux, though most signs point to Edwards for now” said Jonathon Givony

It’s super important to note the situation at #1 remained pretty fluid and everyone is playing a guessing game right now and the sense about Minnesota seems to shift by the hour.


Gersson Rosas has been clear about taking the best player available at the first slot and if they take Edwards, that’s likely because they view him as the best talent in the class.

In theory, the fit also makes an Edwards pick more comfortable than taking a Lamelo Ball or James Wiseman since both the point guard and center spots are filled in D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota’s two franchise players. Edwards would bring in 2-way upside and a scoring punch that could compliment Minnesota’s core well.

Who knows what Minnesota will do? They have played their cards incredibly well by being very quiet and unreadable regarding who they would pick if they keep the selection. If Minnesota does indeed draft Anthony Edwards, the fit is sensical.

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