Chris Paul Rumors of Potential Trade to the Phoenix Suns are Heating Up


Ten time NBA All-Star, Chris Paul, has been heavily linked with a move to the Valley of Arizona in a trade to the Phoenix Suns.

Paul has been linked to a trade to a big market like New York or Los Angeles for what seems like decades, but now the Suns have came into the discussion and surprised everyone after news released that James Jones and Monty Williams have been keen on Chris Paul after what he did for the young core of Oklahoma this past season.

No specifics have released yet on who Phoenix are willing to trade, but it looks like they will have to give up some key assets for the services of the veteran. Mikal Bridges, Kelly Oubre Jr., and the 10th pick will have been thrown around in the discussion of who will be included in a trade for Paul, but Suns fans will not be happy giving up a favorite in Kelly Oubre Jr. or Mikal Bridges who has proved himself as a potential starter for the Suns after great performances in the bubble.


Chris Paul could be a massive player for the Suns though. Paul helped the Thunder clinch the 5th seed in the playoffs in front of the Jazz, Mavericks, and Trailblazers after they were projected to be 13th in the west before the season started by various news sources including ESPN.

Signing Paul is definitely a message from the Suns front office to Devin Booker, trying to convince him to stay as Paul is a win now option for the Suns which is what they desperately need to keep Booker happy. Paul could provide to be a great mentor for Booker along with Rubio.

With the signing of Chris Paul, there will be no chance of the Suns resigning Dario Saric, which means the Suns would definitely need to bring in a big man to replace Saric as their starting power forward, and Aron Baynes likely would not stay in the Valley after a trade like this.

A Chris Paul trade could be great for the Suns, or it could be a disaster. The Suns need to do some big things this off season to improve their squad for next season because the Western Conference will be very difficult to overcome next season.

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