J.J. Watt to be Traded to a Contender After the Season is Almost Certain


Texans superstar is expected by multiple sources to be traded after the 2020 NFL season. There were rumors of Watt being traded at the deadline, but the Texans opted not to but it is likely he will be traded after the season.

Watt spoke recently about not wanting to be part of “a rebuild” and league sources believe that is a virtual certainty he is traded. One source said that “it’s a wrap” for Watt in Houston and that “he knows he only has so many games left and he is ready to go and try to win. The guys in that locker room are bracing for it”.

Another source said this about Watt’s time left in Houston: “At the end of the day, Cal (owner Cal McNair) respects JJ too much to hold him back. I think everyone in their hearts already knows he is going to be moving on. He’s done everything they could have ever asked for, and this chapter is closing”.


The Texans are low on draft capital as well which would make a Watt trade inevitable especially as he grows older. “He’ll be traded by March, bank on it” said an NFL general manager. “That’s a hard trade to make in the middle of the season and there are going to be questions about the medicals. Jack [Easterby] can’t make that trade in November. And the owner probably wasn’t quite ready to make it, but it’s coming”.

Watt has been one of the best defensive ends in his career and will provide great value to whichever contender he goes to and it is almost certain that the rebuilding Texans will trade him after the season.

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